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October = New Swimsuit

At 9pm tonight, operation swimsuit goes into full effect. In October my husband and I are going to Hawaii for 5 nights- sans kids.  I’m really looking forward to it.  This summer we went to the beach a lot, but the beaches here in northern California are pretty cool, so shorts, sundress, light sweater, are more in order than a swimsuit.  But now, now, we are going to Ha-wy-ee and a suit will clearly be in order.  Possibly, even a two piece. Possibly even a bikini, not the tankini with a skirt I’ve been sporting at our local pool.

I’d like a swimsuit that says: She looks good. I know a swimsuit won’t make me look good, but wouldn’t that be nice?  Just as copious amounts of black eyeliner won’t make me look like Angelina Jolie, and the perfect straight bangs won’t make me look like Zooey Deschenel.  I just want to look the best I can. Not oh, she looks good for 37; or, she looks good for a mom of two; or, she looks good considering her job is making her a ball of stress, she is now getting her hair colored every 5 weeks instead of 6, her daughter just turned 2 going on 15 and her son is 3 going on 2.  I want to look good.  I want my husband to say ‘wow’.

So, a few pounds in 2 months and at least one new swimsuit.  I’m running, I’m relatively in shape, I just need to snack less and be more mindful of what I’m eating.  At least that’s the theory.  What do you think? Reasonable? Also, this is in effect at 9pm because I am really craving some cheese and after today, night time cheese snack is out the window.

Also, now that it is August, I’m not seeing many suits in stores now. Best bet for finding a great suit?


It’s done. We’re moving to the boonies.

I’m okay with it. The closer job didn’t pan out in the end so it was not worth the agony that Husband was putting himself through anyway. There is a teeny tiny part of me that is a little sad about it, but I had already accepted the boonies as the way it was going to be, so I’m not let down. Just one year, no problemo.

I see it as a little bit of a challenge, an adventure! Hopefully the neighborhoods are full of families and block parties and the college kids don’t out number us. Did I say this is a huge college town?

I already know there is an excellent thai restaurant, fabulous parks with trails and a pool and open space. The downtown is quaint with lots of boutiques and when I need to get my Target/ Trader Joes/ BB&B hit, they are there, just 10 minutes away. Everything is 10 minutes away! The convenience! We’ll ride bikes everywhere and the kids will be super healthy and fit from all the fresh air.

Now if I can just remember how to make friends instead of ‘network’. Ugh. Hi. My name is Katie and I’m out of my element.

Phew- We made it!

Well, we made it.  The toddler and I flew from Atlanta to San Francisco on Sunday and it was a helluva trip.  I was really hoping he’d sleep more than an hour but hey, I’ll take it.  I thought I could do it ‘infant in arms’ but I was wrong.  For me I think the age limit on a kid in your lap is 1 year old.  His arms and legs are just the right length to hit the seat in front of us, he wasn’t into videos and all he wanted to do was run up and down the aisle and pick up every bit of smushed cracker on the floor.  Frankly, that would have been fine.  If it wasn’t for the darn turbulence and beverage carts, I would have been happy to have him do that for the 4 remaining hours.  Oh well.  We made it. 

And on Sunday I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in weeks.  A big bed all to myself.  The kid was exhausted and slept through the night, it was so good.  I have no idea what we’re doing for the next few weeks but it definitely involves sleeping and playing and eating cookies with grandma.

Meanwhile, Husband and dad have left this morning for their cross country trip.  It’s not looking good.  They left 4 hours later than they planned due to a lousy night’s sleep for them.  Will they make it to Little Rock tonight as planned?  I have a back up for them in Tupelo and Memphis so we’ll see.  Too bad the dog can’t take a turn driving for them.  I asked for pictures and all I got was an eye roll, so we’ll see.

This morning we hung around the house and when I finally got the toddler out of his pajamas we started in the car to go to the park.  He fell asleep during the 5 minute drive.  Soooo I turned around and came home and put him to bed.  He’s been sleeping for an hour and a half.  I think grandma tuckered him out this morning before she left for work.  We’ll try the park again when he wakes up.  Right now I’m going to lounge on the couch and eat chocolates and see when Ellen is on. 

Hope things are good with you!

Random Tuesday

People, it has been hard to get my thoughts together.  Plus, I have had a never ending cold.  The bundle brought it home last week and I’m the last one to shake it.  I don’t get sick.  But apparently I am susceptible to baby colds.  Awesome.  You know what else is awesome, those tissues with lotion in them.  Genius.  Since all I can put together is evidently random thoughts, and they’re not so much together as, random, I am very happy that such a thing as Keely’s Random Tuesday Thoughts exists.  So, here we go.

My Super Ex Girlfriend is one of the lamest movies ever.

Just saw Joaquin Phoenix’s supposedly last movie, Two Lovers, it’s awesome.  I hope he really isn’t giving up acting.

I don’t know why the street by my house changed to have 2 turn lanes and one straight lane, but it sucks.

We just booked tickets to go visit my parents in California in December.  We didn’t book a seat for the bundle, who will be one year old then.  Are we going to regret that?

Chocolate ice cream, or vodka tonic?

My career, has become a job to pay the bills.

Marlo is a nice name.

Baby shampoo is made specifically to not sting their eyes; shouldn’t all shampoo be like that anyway?

Why do people think it is ok for puppies, because they are puppies, to jump up on little kids?

No matter how bad I’m feeling, a big toothless smile from the bundle makes it better than ok.

All hale Keely and the Random Tuesday Thoughts!  Check it.


Goin’ Back to Cali, Part II

So, I spent 2  1/2 weeks in California with my parents and the bundle, and we had a fantastic time.  It was an awesome visit; not just because the bundle got to spend time with his grandparents, and vice versa, that was awesome; but because of all the other stuff.  Maybe not because of, really it was in addition to.  Here’s a little glimpsey- poo into the other stuff.

My parents still have my old furniture in one of the rooms, including the one and only mattress I had since I was 8 years old.  That’s right people, same mattress from 8 years old, until I left for college at 17.  Writing that out doesn’t seem like it’s THAT long, but now I’m in my mid 30’s; still same mattress.  But I tell you what, it was so comfortable.  I know its’ squeaks, its’ soft spots; I like how the corner closest to the door dips a little from me bouncing on it when I was a kid.  I was afraid of the monster under my bed and at night I would jump from the hallway onto my bed, barely landing on the corner so the monster couldn’t reach out and snatch me.

In the wee hours, about 5am, I would feed the bundle and then hand him to grandma, who is a morning person (I am not) and have a few more hours of glorious sleep.  I’d come downstairs feeling good and there would be either grandma, with the bundle asleep on her chest, or grandpa with him snugged in the crook of his arm.  It was like a feel good movie.  I’d have coffee, feed the baby and then hand him back.  I think I changed one diaper while I was there and maybe burped him once, and it was so good.  I need a better word.  It was amazing, wonderful, fantastic, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  I love the bundle more than anything, but having someone who loves him so much, to share the day-to-day stuff with, was really special.

My mom is a saver.  While I was there I saw my old boom box laying on the floor with some other stuff.  It was my Wordless Wednesday a few weeks ago.  Do the kids still call it a boom box?  Probably not.  Definitely not a ghetto blaster.  This thing was kinda small, so not much ghetto blasting.  Anyway, fond memories were recalled of recording New Addition, Madonna and yes, Color Me Badd off the radio.  Don’t hate me.  And Journey, how great is Journey?!?

Start of Tangent:

Do you remember the first cassette tape you bought?  I was a little late to the game and bought Born In The USA.  And then it was Madonna, the one with the black and white cover that had Borderline and Lucky Star on it.  God that’s an awesome album.  I remember in Junior High when a girlfriend and I made up a dance to Lucky Star in our basement.  We were so cool.

End Tangent.

Anyway, after many long walks with the grandparents and the bundle and many lazy afternoons on the deck in the sunshine, we finally had to make our way back to Atlanta.  That’s a post in itself.  It was a vacation and I’m rested.  All ready for changing diapers.

But wait!  My MIL is coming for 3 weeks from out of country!  

The Tale of Coast-to-Coast Travel With the Baby Bundle, Part Uno


I flew to California at the beginning of the month to visit my parents, with the then 11 week old bundle.  Sunday started at 4:30am ET when the bundle woke up in Atlanta, and ended on Sunday at 8:30pm PT when we went to bed at my parents’ house in California.  We’re supposed to fly direct, so no problem right?  I was flying alone, sans Husband, by myself, alone, with the bundle, but no problem, right?  I can handle it.  I am woman, hear me roar.  ahem.  I blame all of my problems on the weather.  

I had booked a direct flight for 9:30am on an airline that I will not name, but it rhymes with Smelta Airlines. Traveling ‘infant in arms’.  I checked it the night before, online.  No problem.  I checked it at 6am to print the boarding pass and I had been moved to an 8:30 am flight, with a layover in Salt Lake City.  Crap.  No email or phone call to me.  Just moved.  I had booked it using miles so I figured I had 2 choices.

  1. Haul butt to the airport and try to make the flight, even though a 3 hour layover would suck more than a Hoover
  2. Forgo my points and book a new flight for another time

So, I went with option 1.  Woke Husband and hauled all our butts to airport.  So that is the SUCKS part.  Thanks Smelta.

On the leg from Atlanta to SLC I was bumped to first class, which ROCKS, where I had a very speedy, helpful security line.  Thanks Smelta!

Highlights from this flight, because I love bullets:

  • I could not fenagle stroller dismemberment by myself at the jetway, nice man helped me out
  • sat next to 50ish business man in suit and tie who offered to hold bundle while I had breakfast (I declined, he was wearing a TIE)
  • bundle woke up, so no breakfast for me (I planned to eat at home but didn’t get to because of the previously mentioned hauling)
  • walked up and down plane
  • returned to seat after everyone ate and super nice stewardess offered to hold bambino while I ate (I declined, way above her job description, and he might spit up)
  • changed very poopy diaper in teeny tiny airplane bathroom
  • very nice stewardess again offered, insisted actually, and I took her up on it while I snarfed an omlette and fruit off of china, with real flatware!
  • nursed bambino on takeoff, landing, and twice in-between

On the 3 hour layover I changed 2 diapers, 1 baby outfit and nursed the bundle twice, to keep him happy.  I was in the world’s smallest terminal.  I don’t think it could have even been called a terminal.  Maybe a termini.  It was lunchtime, I was starving, and my options were a Starbucks or a Quiznos.  It was hot in the termini, I had a fussy bundle and I had lost my crucial hair clip.  So what was my lunch of choice?  

A frappuccino.  With whipped cream.

Yes, I spent 1,000,000 calories on my lunch, and it was worth it.  So what if my ass would no longer fit in my assigned seat?

The flight to California was not more eventful, but definitely more draining.  I was able to take down the stroller by myself thank you.  It was a puddle jumper and we actually had to walk out on the tarmac and up the stairs to this tiny plane.  I’m standing on the stairs and I see 6-7 men in front of me and a few are looking at me, looking at me and eyeing the happy bundle in my arms.  They are worried.  I can see it in their eyes.  I make light of it, “who’s the lucky person who gets to sit next to me?”  They all laugh, nervously. 

The flight is about to take off so I take out a bottle of formula.  I know.  But the seats are so close together and the plane was so small I was uncomfortable whipping out a boob.

And then, the crying started.  The bundle cried the entire 1:45 minute flight.  I got up and stood in the coffee nook for most of the flight, trying to calm the bundle down.  It didn’t work.  I’d go back to my seat periodically when I thought he was calm, but no.  However, I have to say that the guy sitting next to me at the window was awesome, as was the guy across the aisle from me.  Both made valiant efforts to cheer the baby up, goo- goo noises all over the place, and they were rewarded with smiles.  But the minute they stopped, holy hell.  

We finally made it to the airport, met my parents where I gladly gave the stroller to grandma and collapsed in the car.  Oh wait, why am I blaming this on the weather?  That was the Sunday that Atlanta saw a snowstorm that dumped 3 inches in just a few hours and the airport cancelled most of the morning flights.  So, I was luckily on one of the last flights out of there before the storm hit.  

Part II of this story will recount the awesomeness of the visit itself.  Including trips down memory lane such as this beauty.