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Listlessness Mondays: Things I want to learn

Thanks to abdpbt and Anna’s Listlessness Mondays for helping me with many post ideas.  As the title says, this is a list of things I really want need to learn.  Any experts out there with words of wisdom?  What do you need?

  • how to hot wire a car (I know it’s illegal but I’m sure it will come in handy)
  • how to fold a fitted bed sheet so it’s not just a blob
  • roll my ‘Rs’
  • whistle really high using my fingers
  • learn a party trick (I can juggle 3 limes, but that only gets me so far)
  • become a better conversationalist, especially at networking things where I know maybe one person
  • how to be a great mom

A short but important list of foods that should be considered healthy, but aren’t

Good morning and shout out to abdpbt for the Listlessness Mondays!

I made spinach dip the other day and it was so good.  I actually thought: this is the first time I’ve had spinach in months, and it’s so good for you, I wonder if it counts as a vegetable if it’s in a dip?

I mean, I know it counts, it’s not like the spinach is changed in some way making it lose the vitamins and goodness it has.  I guess it’s more like, hmmm, do the yogurt and mayo cancel the spinach out? 

This made me think of all the foods I really like, that I wish were healthy and have tried to rationalize in my head.  Oh stop, like you haven’t done that too.  

  • spinach dip (especially if you make it yourself with lowfat yogurt and mayo with lots of spinach)
  • ice cream (dairy!)
  • carmel apples (fruit!)
  • peanut butter (especially the natural kind that I love, but surprisingly, it’s not)
  • pizza (it’s got tomato sauce which is very good for you, dairy, veggies, minimal meat, how is this not a meal all by itself?)

What else do you have to add?

Listlessness Mondays – or: “how to pay your mortgage by blogging”

Just kidding!

Shout out to abdpbt for Listlessness Mondays!  Ok, so clearly Anna has spent a good deal of time listing her 70 +3 ways to boost blog traffic.  How does she find the time between dispensing child rearing advice, being a political commentator, starting The Bathroom Wall and being a TV critic?  I suspect drugs.  Check it out.

My own list this week is pretty lame tame, but it’s been on my mind.  My career, when I was employed, had a large focus on words.  I wrote, a lot.  I edited more.  I read volumes of crap.  Some words just flow off the tongue.  Some, not so much, but are still fun to say.  I realize I miss the writing and even the editing.  I’ll try to do better here in the future but I can’t make any promises.  I do promise to try to work these words into more posts and everyday conversation.

6 words I love.

  • akimbo
  • amok
  • alliteration
  • Monongahela 
  • schmuck
  • snarky

Bonus word: strategery

As in: What kind of strategery do I need to implement to generate more blog traffic?

This totally made up word is typically used in corporate settings by someone in mid-level management who is suffering from a hangover and is hoping someone younger and smarter in the meeting can actually understand and answer this question.

Listlessness Monday- revisited!

Another shout out to Listlessness Mondays at abdpbt!

Her list is great, check it out.  Anna, I’ve got the socks and I’m with you on #10.

6 things that drive me crazy:

  • pretentiousness
  • people not knowing how to merge
  • the smell of burned microwave popcorn
  • Britney Spears
  • lying
  • not being able to roll my ‘Rs’ (any tips please?)

I’m sure there are more things, but this is off the top of my head.  I might add to it later today.

Loving Listlessness Mondays

Shout out to ABDPBT for Listlessness Mondays!

Best inventions ever, according to me, in no particular order: