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It’s Tough Being a Mom and a Daughter

Are you in that spot too? It snuck up on me. The other day I was saying something to my daughter and turned around to wonder where my mom came from and it turns out it was me. I was channeling my mom.  I suppose it’s a good time in my life and I’m fortunate that I can be a mom and a daughter.  That my mom, my parents, are here to spend time with the kids.  One weekend at home with my parents visiting and I’m a kid again.  I’m with my kiddos every day and I’m “the mom”.  I actually used, “because I’m mom” as a reason for something the other day.  I always thought I wouldn’t use that as a rationale, but there you go.  I did it. I’m the mom.  The power!

But then I spend time with my parents, especially when it’s just my mom, and I feel like I’m in high school again and we’re lamenting high school dramas.  Except it’s not high school drama, it’s the kids, or friends, or something random we’re just talking about, but I don’t feel like a mom, I feel like the again.  I’m not sure I can be a mom and a daughter at the exact same moment.  Is that even possible?


Breaking From Tradition

I proposed something earth shattering today.  I proposed to my parents and my sister, that we open our Christmas presents on Christmas morning, instead of Christmas Eve night.

Growing up, my family always went to an early evening Christmas Eve church service, came home, and – oh my!  Santa came while we were at church!  We would open the presents then, and then the stockings Christmas morning.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing?  Any Swedes/ Germans/ Dutch that can confirm?

My husband grew up with the Christmas morning kerfuffle that I see in every movie and coffee commercial.  Kinda nice.

So, our kids are now 4 and 2 and we’re spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my parents.  I proposed leaving cookies for the big S and going with the Christmas morning production.  

Not sure how the deviation from tradition will go over.  It is at my parents house.  However, I am currently the only provider of the grand children.  So, I’m pretty confident I’ll have some say in the process.  I just hope they embrace the plan.  

Any advice on breaking from tradition with your own family?

Time to Re-evaluate My Decision Making Paradigm

That would be true, if I had one.  I think a lack of a decision making paradigm is the problem.  That phrase is in some movie but I can’t recall which.  I’m suffering from a ‘grass is always greener’ thing combined with something else.  I love my career.  I think I have found an actual (gasp) balance in my life.  Or maybe I’m just juggling really well.   I jinxed myself didn’t I?  If only money grew on trees.

I think I’m just doing a lot of things, only half way.  How do you juggle it all? Does it work, or is it just a mirage of organization?

She looks like a giant meringue

I forgot how much I like Four Weddings and a Funeral.  I don’t usually like British films, or British humor for that matter, but each time I see this movie, from … late 90’s I’m guessing?  I like it more.  And now that guy is in Spartacus.  Do you know who I’m talking about?  Since we’re talking about Spartacus, I really liked the story line from the first season, but I don’t think I can watch it anymore.  Too much death.  Thoughts?

Anyway, great lines from Four Weddings as I’m watching it on some third rate channel while multi-tasking while I have a whole hour to myself:

  • You’re blind, she looks like a giant meringue. (on the bride)
  • Excuse me. I think I had better be where other people are not.
  • I assumed since we slept together we’d be getting married. (joking, joking)
  • Charlie! Oh, God! The way you used to look at me! I just misread it, that’s all. I thought you were going to propose and you were just working out how to leave.

Clearly I need to go do something productive.  The vegging is over.  The family is back.  Off to the fun!

Mother Daughter

It’s really weird being in this mother/ daughter phase isn’t it?  I’m finally in a place where I’m the mom – and I love that- but I’m still the daughter too.  Talking with my mom the other day, up came all the things we tend to talk about, and it went to her worrying about me and my sister.  Nothing specific, just general worry.  Enough sleep, enough fun.  Stress free, carefree.  Weight loss, no pregnancy.  Highlights, lowlights.  You know, just the regular things.

When it comes to my 21 month old daughter, the biggest thing I worry about right now is her being happy.  I hope the giggles and smiles and goofiness stay a very long time.  I’m sure I have more grey hair now since the two kiddos and I definitely look 10 years older.  How does that happen?  Oh right, less sleep, more worry and the crazy.  But you know what?  I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I hope my relationship with my daughter is as good as I had with my mom.  Even better actually.  There was so much we never talked about, and I wish we had.

I’ve missed you

I don’t know how some people have time to blog.  Is it in place of a journal?  A full time job?  I don’t have a journal, but I do have a full time job and 2 kids under 4.  And a husband.  And a dog.  So, while I think of this blog often, it’s rare that I prioritize it enough to be here.  Maybe if I start thinking of it as a journal/ diary.  But I don’t typically write in one of those either, and besides, that would certainly be boring.

My husband and I have a deal. An unspoken deal. His grandmother, living in New Zealand, doesn’t have internet access.  So periodically I’ll get some pictures of us and the grandbabies printed and send them to her via snail mail and slow boat.  I hand hubby the stack of photos and say, pick the ones you want, and pick out a few for your mom, who denies it but hates email and digital photos, and I will write a note and address an envelope for you and MAIL THEM.

I don’t know why I do it.

Yes I do.  I love his nana and mom.  They are awesome. And while he is close to them, I can’t bare to think that they won’t see pictures of their grand children, or great children, because their son/ grandson, is too lazy to send them some hard copies.  So here I am tonight.

We watched episode 3, season 1 of Spartacus (holy cow) and now I’m finishing my wine and thinking of what to say to them.  Hi.  Here are pictures of our kids.  They are getting big.  Look at the hi-jinx they get into! Look at the adorable-ness.

I don’t know.  Anyway.  To the two people reading this, hello.  I’ll do better.  I hope all is well with you.

Side note: the other day at work I signed an email to a third party, “take care, Katie” copied a colleague and the colleague said, wow, that’s harsh.

What do you mean?

Well, take care is kind of like f-off.

What?  No it’s not.  It’s a sincere closing in an email.



Just When I Think I Have It Figured Out

I think I have a balance in my life and then something happens. A child gets sick or work gets to the point where it’s near overwhelming.  I think I’ve got it down to a science, and then the boat gets rocked.

Just when I feel like I’ve reached a calm, good spot, I get an overwhelming feeling that I’m not doing great at anything, just doing a half-assed job at everything. Anyone else?

Tomorrow will be better.


Tell your son not to chase the geese!

Maybe I’m crazy. Definitely a little, but not clinically. Tell me your thoughts on this.  The fam and I were at a park on Sunday where there were about 100 geese scattered over about 2 acres of grassy hills by a lake. My little 2 year old boy sees the geese, which he loves, and walks towards them. The geese, sensing the presence of this force, walk away. Smart, those geese. He starts running with a focus that only a 2 year old boy who dreams of petting goose can have. Then, with the attention span of a 2 year old boy he veered off and ran to the sand pit. 20 minutes later we see more geese. I say, let’s go talk to the geese. So we walk, he runs. Let me preface this with the fact that no matter how fast he runs, he is not going to catch a goose. And besides, I’m next to him, not so much to protect the geese because he’s not getting anywhere near those smart birds, but in case one does do the wild animal thing and turn around to see if his fingers taste good or make a big goosey production of flapping their wings and honking. Which would be fair right? They are wild animals.  I just want to make sure no one gets hurt.  And also, there are no eggs or babies running around yet.

Back to the story, as I’m walking next to 2 year old wonder boy, a man comes jogging up to me across the park, out of his way, and asks me to tell my little boy “not to chase the geese. This is their home.” Am I out of line?

I basically tell him that he’s not hurting them, not getting anywhere near them and that he loves animals and is interested in them. That’s all. The man points out a goose to us and points out his hurt wing that looks broken and says “that one has a hurt wing.” I tell him that he’s right, it does look broken, but my little boy didn’t do it. That he’s in fact a little kid and interested in all animals and I am here to be sure he doesn’t hurt them and that he doesn’t get hurt. What better way to learn than to be here. There is no “don’t chase the geese” sign posted. Just a sign that says to not feed the wildlife, and we didn’t, and to not throw stones in the lake, so we stopped.

Is this a thing? Kids can’t chase a goose?

It’s not that bad

In the scheme of life things, this is nothing. But my baby girl has a head tilt. Torticollis. One neck muscle is shorter than the other and when she sits up her head tilts a little to the left. We just met our new pediatrician (just moved) and she noticed this. Baby girl is 7 months old and just mastered sitting up a few weeks ago. When she sleeps her head is always to the same side. I thought it was just a cute thing, but no. You can’t tell when you’re holding her, just when she’s sitting, so we didn’t see anything before now. Good news is that a little physical therapy for a few months should straighten it all out and she’ll be fine. But if the doctor hadn’t noticed, it would get progressively worse. Isn’t that interesting? I had never heard of it before. I am very thankful for the good health of my family and my two kiddos.

I tell you what though. As minor as this is, I teared up at the doctor’s office. I hated hearing that something wasn’t quite right with our baby girl. Look at that smile! Look at those chunky thighs! Nothing could possibly be wrong with the future first female president of the United States.

Our first PT appointment is next week. Did you know that physical therapy is sometimes done on newborns? I had no idea. I’ll keep you posted.

Awake! Play! Eat!

My little boy has been coming in to our room each morning when he wakes up.  That’s fine. We leave all our doors open ajar at night.  The funny thing is that he chooses one of three words to wake us up.  Awake, play or eat.  And it’s in a whisper.  Sort of a creepy whisper actually. awaaaaaaakeplaaaaaaay.    eeeeeeeat.  He sounds like he could be in some type of haunted house.

And he always brings at least one train in with him.

The un-funny thing is that he ALWAYS comes to my side.  It doesn’t matter if I pull the covers over my head or am asleep, or pretending to be asleep.  It’s my side.  Which is sweet, and I try to embrace it and get up and psych myself up and be happy that I have time to play with him… but ugh.  At 6am it’s a bit tough.

I was going to try to capture the audio on the whispered wake ups, but that would require me getting up earlier. So no.  You’ll have to use your imagination on that one.