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A Romantic Weekend

My closest girlfriend (friends since before we could drive) and I, have a date this weekend.

We’ve been talking of doing a girls day for a few months, just the two of us.  No husbands, no kids, just us.  Usually when we get together with our families we have a ton of fun but it only happens a few times a year because we’re separated by a few hours drive.   What to do, what to do….

We decided we need to shop.  We need cocktails.  We want at least one meal we don’t need to cook or clean up.  We want to wake up, when we wake up.

So this is the big plan: We’re going to THE CITY for the weekend.  We are meeting for lunch, we are shopping, we are having cocktails, we are staying in a hotel room together and we are not setting a wake up call.

I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m pretty sure I’m also really going to miss the little hugs and kisses and book reading to my 2 and 4 year old in the evening and my friend will miss her 3 kiddos too.  However, it will be rejuvenating in the way only a little personal time can be.  Please, my only other time alone is a 5 minute shower every day and even then I hear tiny voices of ‘mom, mom, mom!’ through the door.

I’ll miss it, but I’m really looking forward to the weekend.  Maybe we’ll read each other Goodnight Moon.


My daughter farts like an old man and other Random Tuesday Thoughts

I am now the proud mom of not just a toddler, but also an adorable 4 week old little girl. Considering my son is just 20 months old, I’m surprised by how much I forgot about newborns. Or maybe I just didn’t get it the first time. Is that possible?

In no particular order:
So small!
Nursing every 2 hours?!?!
Breast pads
The turbo engine powered farts (from the baby)
C-section recovery
So small!
So ridiculously cute and snuggly
My pant options suck right now
No stranger should even THINK of getting close to my baby
Obsessive hand washing
The ridiculous faces she makes
There is nothing better than having her nap on my chest
There are way too many gizmos marketed out there to make my life easier

What do you remember that you forgot?

Thanks Keely for keeping Random Tuesday Thoughts going! Please check out her super randomness as well.


The Love/ Hate Edition – Random Tuesday Thoughts

Good morning party people.  I’m going to jump right into the random, thank you Keely, once again for providing structure to the chaos that is my brain.

Acid reflux is a bitch.

Seeing baby toes on the sonogram is amazing.

Maternity swimsuit is just a hair better than a muumuu.

I miss my husband who is working 2 1/2 hours away from me, and looking for a place for his family to live.

I love having the bed to myself.

5am does not like me and I don’t like it either. So there.  phhhbbbbt.

I love that the toddler snuggled in bed with me for the first time this morning, for a whole 5 minutes!

My parents’ neighbor has a pickup truck whose license plate reads “DEDDUX”. Classy.

While  snooping cleaning out the closet, I found my old fold-up butterfly chair from college.  That bastard was very uncomfortable, but  there was something about it that made me want to love it.

I would love it if our dog could pick up her own poop.

Love liverwurst and mustard on rye.

Loving decaf coffee with half and half.

Not loving the double parked guy in front of the pharmacy.

Wish that I would have a dream that would give me a hint to my baby’s gender.

Love my toddler’s new haircut even though it makes him look more like a little boy than a baby.

Hate when a little tiny pee escapes when I sneeze unexpectedly.

Thankful, for all the goodness in my life.

Love the opportunity to read so many great bloggers out there. You all rock.

Move to the boonies, or stay in civilization? Random Tuesday Thoughts

This is the third week in a row where all I can manage is a RTT post.

I’ve started freelancing part time, which is awesome, but also not awesome.  I like the idea of being able to keep my hand in the game while I’m on maternity leave, have a little flexibility with my time and bring in some moolah.  The not awesome is that sometimes the laziness kicks in.  Maybe it’s not even laziness, I would just rather be doing something else.  Trying that new ginger cake recipe. Going to the park with the toddler. Going for a walk with the dog, toddler and husband.

The latest addition to this saga is Husband’s job opportunities.  It’s tough here in the Bay Area, as it is elsewhere, and as you may know, we both came here jobless, but with leads. We are still at my parents house, as we planned to do for a few months, before the baby is born.  The best option so far is a great career step for him doing what he loves, but it is in the boonies.  It is in a small college town 3 hours away from my parents.  It is small, people.  I am not a small, rural town kind of gal.  If he goes this route, I’ve been promised that he will pursue a transfer in a year.  I can freelance anywhere and as he has the best opportunity to be gainfully employed for the foreseeable future,  it’s kinda up to him.  There is a small, small chance of something else, only an hour from my parents, who are the reason we moved back to California, but will be more of a job and less of a career move, and it will not require moving to the boonies but actually staying in civilization.

Part of me wants to yell, “take the soul sucking, better paying, closer to my family, job”, but my heart knows that he’d be happier in the boonies at his dream job.  So, can I do it for a year?  Absolutely.  It’s just a year.  I can do anything for a year.  Right?  A final decision will be made by the end of the week.

On with the random.

We don’t know if this baby will be a boy or a girl but we think girl, and she will be born in early August.

We have our list of girl names but it is so hard to come up with boy names right now.

Husband got me a beautiful bouquet of iris and tulips for mom’s day over the weekend.

Staying in my old high school bedroom has brought back a ton of memories.   Good and less good.

It’s teacher appreciation week. Go hug your teacher.  (Hi sis!)

Where can I find cute, inexpensive maternity jeans?  Ugh.  I’m not spending $100 on a pair of jeans I’ll just wear for a few more months but I’d really like a pair that fit right.  I hate my old pair from my last pregnancy.  I looked fat, not pregnant.

The toddler has a huge vocabulary now, dominated by the word “more”.  Usually referring to whatever food he is eating.

Sigh.  Husband asks, what’s on your mind?

Me: nothing, everything.

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Have I hit a balance? Will I blow it?

I think I have actually hit some type of balance.

I have the opportunity to freelance for about 20 hours a week, spend time with the toddler, the parents AND the husband.  I didn’t mean to put Husband last there but considering his schedule, it’s a little amazing.  I hope I didn’t just jinx myself by writing about this event that I thought was as rare as the perfect black heel.

Really, this is my dream scenario.  I want to work some, not full time, my husband is pursuing a full time gig in a location yet to be determined so this is perfect.  So why am I a little anxious about getting started this week?  Yikers.

On to the random!

Acid reflux can pretty much suck it.

I made a new double chocolate cookie the other day and it was blah.  A waste of good chocolate.  Today I made a batch of double chocolate cookies from a tried and true recipie and achieved awesomeness.  I put them each in their own container but hid the awesome ones a little.  My dad and Husband wouldn’t know a blah from an awesome if it was spelled out for them.  So they may never find the second batch.  We’ll just save them for me and my mom.  Is that evil? Do I care?

Husband just sent me a pic of of Toddler playing at the park. He is wearing some crazy combo that I wouldn’t have sent him out with, but on him, it works!

Is it worth it to have the internet on my blackberry so I can get email on it?

This is my 151st post.

Today has shown me, again, how valuable relationships are.  I knew that, but today a bucket of obvious was dumped on me. Thanks karma!

Are You Down with RTT?

What a great but random week.  Perfect for Keely’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, and for me since lately I can’t seem to get more than a sentence together at a time , let alone a paragraph or actual (gasp) post!


We went to the beach for the first time this weekend, since we’ve moved back to California.  It was soooo good.  Cold and windy, but I didn’t care.  Neither did the toddler.  Let’s just say it was a smart move to bring extra clothes.  Raise your hand if you love Half Moon Bay!

Saw this on a magnet and thought it was one of the most insightful pieces of wisdom I’d read in a long time: “It’s not about the men in your life, it’s about the life in your men.” – Mae West

Judging from the comments in my last post, a duck riding shotgun in a Beetle isn’t that unusual after all.

When Husband or I are no longer unemployed, we are going AWAY for a weekend, sans kid.  Thank goodness for grandparents who are staying with us.  Oh, okay.  WE are staying with THEM.

I love when Becky says something like: “Dude, you have no idea what kind of trouble I represent,” and then expands my vocabulary by introducing me to new words like pharmacopia.

Thanks to Keely for RTT!

Random Tuesday Thoughts on Why I Love California More Than the Other 49


This isn’t really a why California is better post.  It’s more of a recap of the great weekend we had a few days ago, a month after our move here from Atlanta.

What a weekend! On Friday we all loaded into the car, me, Husband, mom, dad and toddler and went to Sacramento so my husband and mom could go fishing.

That’s right.  Husband is huge on fly-fishing, my mom thinks there is something romantic about standing by a river for hours with a stick.  So, every year Husband takes her out a few times to fish.  This time the rest of us came along.  No bites, but it was gorgeous outside and we ended up at a state park so it was not a total waste of time.

On the way home a woman in a yellow Beetle with a DUCK in the passenger seat passed us.  A real DUCK.  Mallard maybe?  None of us had a camera in the car but you have to believe me.  It was able to see out the window, we could see the neck and head, so it was propped up on something.  Perhaps so it could look out the window and laugh at his friends who had to FLY?

On Saturday Husband, toddler and I cruised around Berkeley for the afternoon because it had been ages.  Not much has changed, especially the area around UC Berkeley, but we had a great time.  Buskers, dogs, random parade, burgers, possible contact high….

Sunday was spent walking around a lake with more ducks and a playground.  Folks, it doesn’t get better for Toddler than to have ducks AND a playground.  Plus, a dog.  A very friendly, cute, happy to be pet vigorously by a small child, dog that was not ours. 

On a side note, this is where I want to raise our kids. Close beaches, lakes, mountains, cities, great people, family… and generally more acceptance of other people than other states I’ve lived in.

So, right now, California is the rockstar state for me.  Plus, my family is here, which was the whole point of moving here, and it has been awesome.  I suppose any state where my family is would make it pretty high on the rockstar scale. You?

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Now With More Random

I don’t always have enough thoughts for a good RTT post, but tonight, at 9:36pm when I’m tired but I can’t sleep, I have a few.


My little 15 month old boy is constantly mistaken for a girl.  He has longish hair, almost to his shoulders, but it’s not like it’s long enough to braid.  If he was 15 it would look surfer-ish.  I dress him in ‘boy’ clothes but clearly it’s not working.  Hint: if you see a cute kid and you’re not 100% sure it’s a boy or a girl, just try saying: “What a cute baby.” or “What a cute kid.”  Thank you.

I used to think that our lives are delicate.  Now I think that each individual life is delicate, but our lives themselves are strong.  They are strong because of the people in our lives and each of our lives hold other people’s lives too.  I’m sure there’s a good animal or architecture analogy here somewhere.

It’s hard out here for a toddler.

I’m having a hard time getting used to this whole “talking on the phone while driving is illegal” thing.  Even at a stop light?

Did I mention our dog managed the cross-country trip with flying colors?  Except for the not eating thing.  But she’s making up for it now. 

Mail forwarding is genius.  So is natural peanut butter.  And clear deodorant.  And solar-powered outdoor lighting.

Pretentiousness is an ugly accessory on anyone.

Looking forward to seeing some extended family next weekend for the Easter festivities.  Hope the weather holds out! We held an egg hunt practice in the backyard this weekend.  He found the eggs, but wouldn’t let go of them.  He can hold 3 at a time so that’s what I’m thinking will happen next weekend.  Let’s face it, at this age I think it’s more of a photo opp for us than fun for them.  And I’m okay with that.

Finally, GIANT hugs to Becky for all that she’s got going on.

Random Tuesday

People, it has been hard to get my thoughts together.  Plus, I have had a never ending cold.  The bundle brought it home last week and I’m the last one to shake it.  I don’t get sick.  But apparently I am susceptible to baby colds.  Awesome.  You know what else is awesome, those tissues with lotion in them.  Genius.  Since all I can put together is evidently random thoughts, and they’re not so much together as, random, I am very happy that such a thing as Keely’s Random Tuesday Thoughts exists.  So, here we go.

My Super Ex Girlfriend is one of the lamest movies ever.

Just saw Joaquin Phoenix’s supposedly last movie, Two Lovers, it’s awesome.  I hope he really isn’t giving up acting.

I don’t know why the street by my house changed to have 2 turn lanes and one straight lane, but it sucks.

We just booked tickets to go visit my parents in California in December.  We didn’t book a seat for the bundle, who will be one year old then.  Are we going to regret that?

Chocolate ice cream, or vodka tonic?

My career, has become a job to pay the bills.

Marlo is a nice name.

Baby shampoo is made specifically to not sting their eyes; shouldn’t all shampoo be like that anyway?

Why do people think it is ok for puppies, because they are puppies, to jump up on little kids?

No matter how bad I’m feeling, a big toothless smile from the bundle makes it better than ok.

All hale Keely and the Random Tuesday Thoughts!  Check it.


Random Tuesday Thoughts- the Food Version

I heard someone describe bacon as “meat candy”. That’s awesome.

I feel cheated.  I was a walking PMS commerical the other day.  I went into the store specifically to buy tampons and ice cream.  I spent more time looking at what type of ice cream to buy than the stupid tampons.  I wanted chocolately, chocolate with chocolate.  And then I saw it.  Raspberry with chocolate.  My all time favorite combo!  Genius!  I grab it and put down the Phish Food.  It says “black raspberry chocolate chunk”. I buy it.  I get home all excited; way too excited about ice cream frankly, but sometimes that’s how it is.  Husband scoops it for me and he says “it looks really pink”.  I tell him it has some raspberry in it.  People, I was duped.  It is raspberry ice cream with chunks of chocolate.  Perfectly fine, but I was misled.  I wanted chocolately.  Do you know what I’m saying?  Not that I haven’t already finished half the carton already.



We’re having a couple over for dinner next Sunday.  We’ve known them about 2 years, they have 2 small kids under 5 and they’re awesome.  The whole clan is coming over and I’m out of dinner ideas.  I’m thinking of making breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes, bacon, turkey sausage, a fritatta and berries with whipped cream.  Or… I could switch it for brunch maybe. I think they’d dig it.  mmmm bacon.

When I was pregnant last Fall I craved ice cream all the time.  All the time.  One day we were on our way home and I asked my husband to run into the store to get some chocolate ice cream.  Something chocolately.  Not necessarily all chocolate, but something chocolately.  Do you know what the man came back with?  Root beer flavored ice cream.  After much counseling, we are still together.