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October = New Swimsuit

At 9pm tonight, operation swimsuit goes into full effect. In October my husband and I are going to Hawaii for 5 nights- sans kids.  I’m really looking forward to it.  This summer we went to the beach a lot, but the beaches here in northern California are pretty cool, so shorts, sundress, light sweater, are more in order than a swimsuit.  But now, now, we are going to Ha-wy-ee and a suit will clearly be in order.  Possibly, even a two piece. Possibly even a bikini, not the tankini with a skirt I’ve been sporting at our local pool.

I’d like a swimsuit that says: She looks good. I know a swimsuit won’t make me look good, but wouldn’t that be nice?  Just as copious amounts of black eyeliner won’t make me look like Angelina Jolie, and the perfect straight bangs won’t make me look like Zooey Deschenel.  I just want to look the best I can. Not oh, she looks good for 37; or, she looks good for a mom of two; or, she looks good considering her job is making her a ball of stress, she is now getting her hair colored every 5 weeks instead of 6, her daughter just turned 2 going on 15 and her son is 3 going on 2.  I want to look good.  I want my husband to say ‘wow’.

So, a few pounds in 2 months and at least one new swimsuit.  I’m running, I’m relatively in shape, I just need to snack less and be more mindful of what I’m eating.  At least that’s the theory.  What do you think? Reasonable? Also, this is in effect at 9pm because I am really craving some cheese and after today, night time cheese snack is out the window.

Also, now that it is August, I’m not seeing many suits in stores now. Best bet for finding a great suit?


How Many Days In A Row Can You Eat Fast Food Before Your Body Completely Rebels?

I ask this question because I have asked my husband every night what they had for dinner on their journey from Atlanta to San Francisco.  Every night it has been fast food.  I ask why, because we are not a fast food family.  My husband has Mickey D’s maybe once a month as a treat to himself, but that’s it.  My dad, who is also on this journey, isn’t big on the junk food either. 

So I ask you, what the heck?

  • Laziness?
  • Feeling a little naughty?
  • Actually craving grease 5 days in a row due to some cholesterol deficiency?

I asked him tonight if there is anything special they’d like for dinner on Saturday when they get in.  He said, “lots of vegetables.”  Big cobb salad it is gentleman.

Just one question.

Why does powdered formula harden like cement when you’ve spilled a little and then it gets wet? That’s not right.

Stream of consciousness from fantastic pesto to a trip down memory lane

At least I thought I made fantastic pesto.  Fresh basil, a little parsley, a little salt, garlic, a little pepper, a little cheese, swirl it up, add a little olive oil… taste, taste, taste… hmmm, a little salty but it will be fine on the pasta with all the veggies.  Cook pasta, blanch asparagus, sautee ‘shrooms, done done done…. throw it together, add on the pesto… oh my god.  It got saltier.  How does that happen?  I think it was the cheese.

So what did we do? We picked out the veggies and then had toast.  Yes, that’s right.  toast.  Someone needs to go the grocery store.  That would be me.  In the division of labor at our house, I do the groceries, except for the random occassional needing of one item.   I find some chores horrible, some less horrible, and some I don’t mind.  I don’t mind cooking but I hate the idea of mowing our lawn (front and back!); I don’t like cleaning, but I’d rather vacuum than do the dishes each night.  I don’t even want to consider doing anything with a weed wacker in the back yard where it gets a little hairy by the creek, but the grocery shopping doesn’t bother me.

This has made me think of my mom.  She did all the chores in the house, my dad the chores outside the house. Except for some gardening. Mom loves gardening.  She was a new mom in the second half of the 70’s with 2 little girls.  She stayed home with us until we went to school, and then was there for us when we did go to school but came home at 3.  I asked her about it last time we were together and she said she wouldn’t have had it any other way.  They didn’t have tons of money, but my dad worked and it paid enough that if they watched their funds she could stay home with us.  And she did.  I have a lot of great memories as a kid, playing with mom or just being out with her.  She’d let me help in the kitchen, using ‘help’ pretty loosely here. I think that’s my word, not hers, any way.  She’d do puzzles and take us to the park.  I remember coming home after school and we’d sit at the kitchen table and talk about the day for a little bit, have a snack, and then off to do homework.

sigh.  those were the days

sigh. those were the days

I have good memories of my dad too, but they are fewer from that age.  I think that’s just a by-product of him being at work all day and coming home in the evenings, at 6 on the dot.  But we all spent a lot of time as a family on the weekends.  Until I became a teenager and it wasn’t cool.  But even then, we’d still do family outings.  My parents knew it was important that we spent time together as a family.  They must have seen my sister and I growing up, too fast I’m sure, and wanting to spend time, and instill as much goodness and make as many memories as possible.  All of this makes me think of my new family.  Husband (10 years!) and the bundle (7 months!).  Time goes so quick doesn’t it.  All we have are choices.  Each choice leads us to something new.  It’s exciting isn’t it?

Cheerios. Smells like feet or the best dinner ever?

no bling required

What’s the one cereal I could eat for every meal?  Cheerios. Not honey and banana or cinnamon nut or whatever, but the original O. I know they aren’t the flashiest cereal. No colored marshmallows, the milk doesn’t turn colors, they don’t talk to you, there’s no bling, but they are so good. However, I think there is something addictive about them. What are toddlers introduced to as one of their first finger foods? That’s right. Here is a tip I learned from my mom and I swear it is so good it’s going to make you want to get some immediately. Unless you’re my husband. He thinks Cheerios smell like dirty feet. Anyway…. melt a little butter in a pan, while it’s still hot, add in a cup of Cheerios so they get a little toasty and buttered, sprinke of salt and voila! Better than popcorn! Try it. Go on, the first one is free.

Random Tuesday Thoughts- the Food Version

I heard someone describe bacon as “meat candy”. That’s awesome.

I feel cheated.  I was a walking PMS commerical the other day.  I went into the store specifically to buy tampons and ice cream.  I spent more time looking at what type of ice cream to buy than the stupid tampons.  I wanted chocolately, chocolate with chocolate.  And then I saw it.  Raspberry with chocolate.  My all time favorite combo!  Genius!  I grab it and put down the Phish Food.  It says “black raspberry chocolate chunk”. I buy it.  I get home all excited; way too excited about ice cream frankly, but sometimes that’s how it is.  Husband scoops it for me and he says “it looks really pink”.  I tell him it has some raspberry in it.  People, I was duped.  It is raspberry ice cream with chunks of chocolate.  Perfectly fine, but I was misled.  I wanted chocolately.  Do you know what I’m saying?  Not that I haven’t already finished half the carton already.



We’re having a couple over for dinner next Sunday.  We’ve known them about 2 years, they have 2 small kids under 5 and they’re awesome.  The whole clan is coming over and I’m out of dinner ideas.  I’m thinking of making breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes, bacon, turkey sausage, a fritatta and berries with whipped cream.  Or… I could switch it for brunch maybe. I think they’d dig it.  mmmm bacon.

When I was pregnant last Fall I craved ice cream all the time.  All the time.  One day we were on our way home and I asked my husband to run into the store to get some chocolate ice cream.  Something chocolately.  Not necessarily all chocolate, but something chocolately.  Do you know what the man came back with?  Root beer flavored ice cream.  After much counseling, we are still together.

We’re in Trouble


Slim Bovine Ice Cream Review

Because this is important.  

Yes, I love Skinny Cow.  It used to just be the ice cream sandwiches,  but now, now, they have something new.  A “Truffle Bar”.  On a stick.  I’ve had the chocolate, I don’t bother with vanilla, and it is… good.  The ice cream is not dense, it feels like it has been whipped; it is airy and creamy and very chocolately.  For 100 calories, I haven’t found a better portion controlled ice cream out there.  

They also have “Skinny Dippers”, which were good to me, but not as good the Truffle Bar. The Skinny Dippers come in either caramel or vanilla ice cream with a chocolatey coating on about half the bar.  They are 80 calories each and like I said, good, but I’m a chocolate girl so I’ll go back to the Truffle Bar. 

It doesn’t replace a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food (OMG!) or Breyers mint chocolate chip, but I’m trying lose a little more weight as I start my new job here and I am NOT going to give up ice cream.  So, Skinny Cow, here I come.

Gobble Gobble

I don’t expect anyone to be online today, but because of the NaBloPoMo commitment, I am here.  As are hundreds of other bloggers.  No, don’t get up.  I’m fine.  Below is a photo of my baking efforts yesterday.  Husband and I were committed to bringing a dessert for the small gathering we are going to today.  Husband made the cake (chocolate with ganache filling and peppermint icing) and I did the cookies. The cake is a first time recipe.  The other guests are guinea pigs.  But they don’t know.  When I come back tonight I expect to have gained 10 pounds.  I’m blaming it on the baby.


It’s so good!

Internet.  Yesterday afternoon I made popcorn.  I know, big woop right?  But it was not microwaved.  I have gone for 10 years without a microwave.  I know, why?  Well, for various reasons, usually because of lack of kitchen space, and then we just got used to not having one.  Well, about a month ago I got a hankering for popcorn so I bought a jar that required the corn being put in either a hot air popper or a pot with a lid.  Well, since I hate buying things that have only one purpose, I’m not buying a popper, but a pot and lid?  That I have.  I have never opened the jar, until yesterday.  I popped corn.  It was so good.  Did I butter and salt it?  What do you think?  Pictures below of the popped corn in all it’s glory.  I might have eaten the whole bowl.  Well, it wasn’t for me, it was for the baby.  So, now that I have an open jar of corn, what other flavors are good?  I’ve been craving it almost every afternoon so it will get eaten.  I’m thinking I need something sweet, with carmel or cinnamon, and something savory, like white cheddar.  Recommendations?

In the pot:


In the bowl, in all it’s salty goodness.  Not really doing it justice here.  I should take a class in food photography.