How Do You Not Compare Your Kids?

I shouldn’t be so thrilled by this, I knew it would happen eventually.  My 23 month old daughter now has 6 words in her vocabulary.  For the past few months she’s been getting by with Momma and Dadda and a lot of pointing.  She would sing and make lots of noises, but no effort to repeat words she’d hear.

I’ve been trying so hard not to compare her to her 3 1/2 year old brother.  Really, comparisons aren’t fair for any kids right?  But I was starting to get a little worried.  Little boy had almost 100 words by the time he was 2.  Little girl is getting by on grins and giggles.

Have no fear, she is up to 6, in just 2 days.  There is no stopping her now!  We’ve got apple, door, bowl, more!  And earlier today?  “I know.”  But she draws it out, “I knooooooowwww.”  And it’s ridiculously cute.  How do you manage to not compare your kiddos?  I was thinking, this is likely the only time I’ll be so thrilled she’s becoming a talker right?  Eventually she’ll be a…. teenage girl!  Fulfilling stereotypes for the next generation.

Still weird about posting pics of the kiddos. They’re actually bigger than this.

Really though, how do not compare your kids?  I know they are individuals, boy/ girl no less.  I just want them to be happy and healthy.  We take it so for granted sometimes.


One response to “How Do You Not Compare Your Kids?

  1. On some level I think we always compare (just the other day I found myself counting months when trying to remember when #1 learned to read vs. #2!! silliness!)… but on the larger level, at least for me, I am constantly aware of their uniqueness. I almost worry more about making sure I don’t pigeonhole them… “She’s my athletic girl” vs. “She’s my sweet girl.” Because eventually they become aware of those roles that we (un)consciously create for them, and that’s not to the good.

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