She looks like a giant meringue

I forgot how much I like Four Weddings and a Funeral.  I don’t usually like British films, or British humor for that matter, but each time I see this movie, from … late 90’s I’m guessing?  I like it more.  And now that guy is in Spartacus.  Do you know who I’m talking about?  Since we’re talking about Spartacus, I really liked the story line from the first season, but I don’t think I can watch it anymore.  Too much death.  Thoughts?

Anyway, great lines from Four Weddings as I’m watching it on some third rate channel while multi-tasking while I have a whole hour to myself:

  • You’re blind, she looks like a giant meringue. (on the bride)
  • Excuse me. I think I had better be where other people are not.
  • I assumed since we slept together we’d be getting married. (joking, joking)
  • Charlie! Oh, God! The way you used to look at me! I just misread it, that’s all. I thought you were going to propose and you were just working out how to leave.

Clearly I need to go do something productive.  The vegging is over.  The family is back.  Off to the fun!


One response to “She looks like a giant meringue

  1. Oh, I loved 4W too!! And thanks for reminding me of the “I think I had better be where other people are not” bit. A very useful line 🙂

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