Mother Daughter

It’s really weird being in this mother/ daughter phase isn’t it?  I’m finally in a place where I’m the mom – and I love that- but I’m still the daughter too.  Talking with my mom the other day, up came all the things we tend to talk about, and it went to her worrying about me and my sister.  Nothing specific, just general worry.  Enough sleep, enough fun.  Stress free, carefree.  Weight loss, no pregnancy.  Highlights, lowlights.  You know, just the regular things.

When it comes to my 21 month old daughter, the biggest thing I worry about right now is her being happy.  I hope the giggles and smiles and goofiness stay a very long time.  I’m sure I have more grey hair now since the two kiddos and I definitely look 10 years older.  How does that happen?  Oh right, less sleep, more worry and the crazy.  But you know what?  I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I hope my relationship with my daughter is as good as I had with my mom.  Even better actually.  There was so much we never talked about, and I wish we had.


One response to “Mother Daughter

  1. “Oh right, less sleep, more worry and the crazy.” — I loved this line. Popped over from SubMat…

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