It’s going well – I think

Baby girl has now had 3 physical therapy appointments for her torticollis and her PT says it’s going pretty well.  By the time she’s 1, in August, her head should no longer have that adorable tilt to the left and she should be back on her baby development track. On her way to crawling, walking and running amok.

I had no idea what to expect but it’s basically a lot of exercises to stretch and build muscles and exercises for us to do with her.  It’s been a little fun even.  Except when she cries because this strange woman is trying to massage her back and legs and neck.  Have you seen my baby’s legs?  They are huge.  They look a lot like this:

That’s right.  Her juicy, fat thighs are full of rolls and squeezability.  I’ll take an actual picture that will put that turkey leg to shame.  Hmm, evidently squeezability is not recognized as a word by WordPress.  Neither is WordPress.

Anyway, thank you for the good thoughts and vibes on her PT.  Now go outside and do something fun with your family like I plan to.


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