Tell your son not to chase the geese!

Maybe I’m crazy. Definitely a little, but not clinically. Tell me your thoughts on this.  The fam and I were at a park on Sunday where there were about 100 geese scattered over about 2 acres of grassy hills by a lake. My little 2 year old boy sees the geese, which he loves, and walks towards them. The geese, sensing the presence of this force, walk away. Smart, those geese. He starts running with a focus that only a 2 year old boy who dreams of petting goose can have. Then, with the attention span of a 2 year old boy he veered off and ran to the sand pit. 20 minutes later we see more geese. I say, let’s go talk to the geese. So we walk, he runs. Let me preface this with the fact that no matter how fast he runs, he is not going to catch a goose. And besides, I’m next to him, not so much to protect the geese because he’s not getting anywhere near those smart birds, but in case one does do the wild animal thing and turn around to see if his fingers taste good or make a big goosey production of flapping their wings and honking. Which would be fair right? They are wild animals.  I just want to make sure no one gets hurt.  And also, there are no eggs or babies running around yet.

Back to the story, as I’m walking next to 2 year old wonder boy, a man comes jogging up to me across the park, out of his way, and asks me to tell my little boy “not to chase the geese. This is their home.” Am I out of line?

I basically tell him that he’s not hurting them, not getting anywhere near them and that he loves animals and is interested in them. That’s all. The man points out a goose to us and points out his hurt wing that looks broken and says “that one has a hurt wing.” I tell him that he’s right, it does look broken, but my little boy didn’t do it. That he’s in fact a little kid and interested in all animals and I am here to be sure he doesn’t hurt them and that he doesn’t get hurt. What better way to learn than to be here. There is no “don’t chase the geese” sign posted. Just a sign that says to not feed the wildlife, and we didn’t, and to not throw stones in the lake, so we stopped.

Is this a thing? Kids can’t chase a goose?


One response to “Tell your son not to chase the geese!

  1. A friend of mine and I were walking in a park today and a ten-year-old was chasing the geese and agitating them. Geese will attack if they feel threatened, so you should restrain your son from chasing them. And to be quite frank, even if they wouldn’t attack, why let your child disturb other living creatures’ space? Better to teach him respect for other living creatures.

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