Awake! Play! Eat!

My little boy has been coming in to our room each morning when he wakes up.  That’s fine. We leave all our doors open ajar at night.  The funny thing is that he chooses one of three words to wake us up.  Awake, play or eat.  And it’s in a whisper.  Sort of a creepy whisper actually. awaaaaaaakeplaaaaaaay.    eeeeeeeat.  He sounds like he could be in some type of haunted house.

And he always brings at least one train in with him.

The un-funny thing is that he ALWAYS comes to my side.  It doesn’t matter if I pull the covers over my head or am asleep, or pretending to be asleep.  It’s my side.  Which is sweet, and I try to embrace it and get up and psych myself up and be happy that I have time to play with him… but ugh.  At 6am it’s a bit tough.

I was going to try to capture the audio on the whispered wake ups, but that would require me getting up earlier. So no.  You’ll have to use your imagination on that one.


One response to “Awake! Play! Eat!

  1. !!! I could have written this!!! But change those other three words in a whisper to: “Cereal”.
    When our oldest son was same age as yours and I had son #2 (they are 20 months apart but they are 14 and 13 now), every morning he’d come to MY side of the bed and quietly say “cereal.” My eyes would open and then I’d close them. He’d say it again. Soon we taught him what a digital clock looked like when it showed: 7:00. I think it was on the weekend that we would remind him of this. And then around age 3 we put a bowl of cereal in the fridge and a plastic cup of milk and a spoon on the counter and he was as happy as can be to get that cereal in the a.m. by himself. He chuckles when I tell him about this now. He still loves cereal. But he sleeps in till 11:00 on the weekends. : – )

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