Monthly Archives: March 2011

It’s not that bad

In the scheme of life things, this is nothing. But my baby girl has a head tilt. Torticollis. One neck muscle is shorter than the other and when she sits up her head tilts a little to the left. We just met our new pediatrician (just moved) and she noticed this. Baby girl is 7 months old and just mastered sitting up a few weeks ago. When she sleeps her head is always to the same side. I thought it was just a cute thing, but no. You can’t tell when you’re holding her, just when she’s sitting, so we didn’t see anything before now. Good news is that a little physical therapy for a few months should straighten it all out and she’ll be fine. But if the doctor hadn’t noticed, it would get progressively worse. Isn’t that interesting? I had never heard of it before. I am very thankful for the good health of my family and my two kiddos.

I tell you what though. As minor as this is, I teared up at the doctor’s office. I hated hearing that something wasn’t quite right with our baby girl. Look at that smile! Look at those chunky thighs! Nothing could possibly be wrong with the future first female president of the United States.

Our first PT appointment is next week. Did you know that physical therapy is sometimes done on newborns? I had no idea. I’ll keep you posted.


Awake! Play! Eat!

My little boy has been coming in to our room each morning when he wakes up.  That’s fine. We leave all our doors open ajar at night.  The funny thing is that he chooses one of three words to wake us up.  Awake, play or eat.  And it’s in a whisper.  Sort of a creepy whisper actually. awaaaaaaakeplaaaaaaay.    eeeeeeeat.  He sounds like he could be in some type of haunted house.

And he always brings at least one train in with him.

The un-funny thing is that he ALWAYS comes to my side.  It doesn’t matter if I pull the covers over my head or am asleep, or pretending to be asleep.  It’s my side.  Which is sweet, and I try to embrace it and get up and psych myself up and be happy that I have time to play with him… but ugh.  At 6am it’s a bit tough.

I was going to try to capture the audio on the whispered wake ups, but that would require me getting up earlier. So no.  You’ll have to use your imagination on that one.

I’m having a hard time

I’m having a hard time.  As everyone is, I’m juggling a lot, and there is this thing in the back of my mind that is distracting me from other things that are definitely more fun and interesting.

That thing is this: I told my husband I’d be fine with moving to Australia, to be closer to his family.  I told him this before we were married, about a dozen years ago.  We met in Australia, his family is split between Australia and New Zealand, and my family is in California.  When we were young, childless and full of our own awesomeness, I said of course, let’s move to America for a while and then of course, lets move back to the Southern Hemsiphere to be near your family.  Why not? We have no ties.

Now we have 2 kids and they are adored by their grandparents here in California.  Their only grandkids.  It will just kill them, not literally, but really hurt, if we move away.  And I want them to visit their grandparents more than once a year.  Husband’s parents have 6 other grandkids, not that it’s relevant really, but sheesh.  I know, Husband needs to see his family, fair enough.  I’ll be the first to say he doesn’t spend near enough time with them and he misses them, and he wants his parents to know our kids.  Fair, right?  I know it’s fair, and right.  but still.  I really don’t want to.