Months, not days

At first I was thinking that it had been days since I blogged. Then it was weeks. Now it is actually months.  My kids are 2 months older. I have more gray hair and my husband’s job is ending in a week.

Ugh.  In other news, we are moving again, back to the Bay Area and my husband and I are both in final rounds of interviews. And I have bangs.

I am at the same time overwhelmed and anxious and nervous and excited.  I was hoping to be able to just freelance part time for another year but with Husband’s job ending and our resulting move back to civilization we can’t afford for me not to.  So of course I do what my family needs me to do and my little family needs me to go back to work full time.

I’m dreading finding a new place to live, finding a day care, or possibly a nanny, and going through this final round of interviews.  A little excited, but mostly dreading right now.  Not the actual working, but the process of looking. Can I hire someone to house hunt for us? We’re just going to rent for a year and no realtors so far have been interested in helping us out.

Anyway, it’s true. As you get older time goes by faster. I want my 6 month old baby girl to stop and stay this size for a while. I want my 2 year old little boy to just slow down and stop growing up. Except for the potty training. Potty training can continue on please.

Where does the time go?


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