Monthly Archives: February 2011

Money and poo

So, apparently my salary will cover day care and my husband’s will cover rent. Thank you Bay Area.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the closeness of my family and actual civilization, and the weather, and the culture, and the beach, and the general awesomeness, but yikes. I guess awesomeness comes with a price.

Toddler boy is 26 months old and baby girl is 6 months.  The crazies have moved in.  Toddler is certainly testing the waters, and his parents in every way he can, but he’s also loving his little sister.  What he calls “my baby”, which is pretty sweet, especially when he brings her her toys, completely unprompted.  Baby girl is rolling over and drooling all over herself.  It’s such a fun age, but I suppose they all are.  I’m just trying to enjoy the 2 year old right now while recognizing that all kids go through this stage and it will be okay. Right?  It will be okay right?  They are pretty fantastic and I love them to bits.

In other news, if I hear one more person tell me that their little boy wasn’t potty trained until he was 4 I may scream.  That’s not right.  There must be something between applying a little assertiveness and waiting until he is ready because I can tell you that we are not looking forward to 4 year old boy poop.  No thank you.  I’ll bribe him with whatever, but I’m done.

Please tell me your thoughts on this one.  He’s not interested in stickers or seeing progress on a chart leading to a reward.  He’ll tell us when he’s gone, after the fact, but not before.  He’s interested, to a point.  Really, sanity is at stake people.  What say you?

Also, I’m in the final stages of interviews for a new job, wish me luck!


Months, not days

At first I was thinking that it had been days since I blogged. Then it was weeks. Now it is actually months.  My kids are 2 months older. I have more gray hair and my husband’s job is ending in a week.

Ugh.  In other news, we are moving again, back to the Bay Area and my husband and I are both in final rounds of interviews. And I have bangs.

I am at the same time overwhelmed and anxious and nervous and excited.  I was hoping to be able to just freelance part time for another year but with Husband’s job ending and our resulting move back to civilization we can’t afford for me not to.  So of course I do what my family needs me to do and my little family needs me to go back to work full time.

I’m dreading finding a new place to live, finding a day care, or possibly a nanny, and going through this final round of interviews.  A little excited, but mostly dreading right now.  Not the actual working, but the process of looking. Can I hire someone to house hunt for us? We’re just going to rent for a year and no realtors so far have been interested in helping us out.

Anyway, it’s true. As you get older time goes by faster. I want my 6 month old baby girl to stop and stay this size for a while. I want my 2 year old little boy to just slow down and stop growing up. Except for the potty training. Potty training can continue on please.

Where does the time go?