It’s 8:22 p.m. and I’m done

I am exhausted.  How do new parents blog and parent? Parenting is hard. The boy (almost 2!)  just got a big boy bed today, aka a twin mattress on the floor with train sheets, I had to put him back 3 times, the third time he was on the floor.  The girl (almost 4 months!) is a smidge congested and has been waking up a few times in the night.  I am fervently praying for 1 wake up, to feed her, between now and 6 a.m.  Pray with me people.  If mom doesn’t get sleep, she’s not happy. If she’s not happy, no one is happy.

In other news, my sister, her husband, my husband, my parents and I are doing the secret santa thing this year for Christmas.  Each adult receives/ gives a gift to one person.  The kids aren’t in on it though.  They get to be spoiled by everyone.  It’s still fun, still a surprise, and definitely helps the pocket book.  Although we do splurge a little on stockings.  You can get anyone a gift if it fits in the stocking.  Oh the zaniness.  More on that later.


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