Haircuts for toddlers

My toddler’s first haircut was horrible. For both of us. He was 15 months old and way over due; sporting what we thought was cute surfer hair but was actually bordering on mullet/ homeless-ish. We took him in to a children’s hair cut place and he wouldn’t sit on the cute train chair, or any other chair. He sat on my lap in a regular chair and cried while the very nice woman snipped away and tried desperately to entertain him with lollipops, battery operated guitars and a dancing Elmo. It was not good. About 2 minutes into it and halfway done he frantically waved his arms and yelled the two words he has definitely mastered. “All done!” He’s had 3 hair cuts since then, 1 involving electric clippers, and I’m looking for tips. He’s gone with Husband when he got his hair cut and it was practically as bad.

Meanwhile, it is 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and the kid is looking downright shaggy. I have to get it trimmed. I’ve been procrastinating like it’s my job.

Do I:
A: go for the salon cut where I will likely have to physically restrain him on my lap while one or both of us is sobbing
B: cut it myself with scissors
C: cut is myself with electric clippers
D: buy him a hat and possibly loan him a pony tail holder



One response to “Haircuts for toddlers

  1. Oh, girl, it is time for the jacked-up mom hair cut. It’s a right of passage.

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