Monthly Archives: November 2010

It’s 8:22 p.m. and I’m done

I am exhausted.  How do new parents blog and parent? Parenting is hard. The boy (almost 2!)  just got a big boy bed today, aka a twin mattress on the floor with train sheets, I had to put him back 3 times, the third time he was on the floor.  The girl (almost 4 months!) is a smidge congested and has been waking up a few times in the night.  I am fervently praying for 1 wake up, to feed her, between now and 6 a.m.  Pray with me people.  If mom doesn’t get sleep, she’s not happy. If she’s not happy, no one is happy.

In other news, my sister, her husband, my husband, my parents and I are doing the secret santa thing this year for Christmas.  Each adult receives/ gives a gift to one person.  The kids aren’t in on it though.  They get to be spoiled by everyone.  It’s still fun, still a surprise, and definitely helps the pocket book.  Although we do splurge a little on stockings.  You can get anyone a gift if it fits in the stocking.  Oh the zaniness.  More on that later.


I got pulled over

I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket, or any ticket for that matter, in more than 15 years.  Since COLLEGE people. When I was young and zipping through the streets.

I was on my way to meet my parents for lunch so they could pick up my toddler, who was going to spend the week with them.  People were driving like they had all the time in the world and were just sitting there in the car like they were killing time.  Not as if they had some place to go.

I was on a little two lane highway.  Yes, I was running late but that isn’t why I was speeding, just a little.  I thought I missed my exit and this stretch of little highway all looks the same.  But that isn’t why I was speeding either.  I was speeding because I was irritated about the people driving BELOW the speed limit.  People of Northern California: If the speed limit says 70, please do at least 65 or move over.

This is why I was speeding.  It’s not a good reason but it’s the truth.  I was stuck behind these slow drivers for 30 minutes with no relief and when there was a break, I got a little too excited and started zipping along a little too zippily.  The car just had a mind of it’s own.  It just zipped through the cow pastures and fields of sheep.


The cop didn’t take pity on me with the two under two in the backseat, each of which started to cry when we stopped, although he did write the ticket for under the speed I was going, so that was nice.  Maybe a little pity.

The clincher though is this: He reached in and gave my kid a little sheriff sticker.  Which the kid accepted and said thank you with a smile.

And it is done

I have cut my boy’s hair.  I used a real hair scissors. There was no blood shed by either parties.  It is not awesome, but it is shorter and he no longer requires any sort of accessory to keep the hair out of his eyes.

I still need to fix the front a little.  Do boys have ‘bangs’?


Haircuts for toddlers

My toddler’s first haircut was horrible. For both of us. He was 15 months old and way over due; sporting what we thought was cute surfer hair but was actually bordering on mullet/ homeless-ish. We took him in to a children’s hair cut place and he wouldn’t sit on the cute train chair, or any other chair. He sat on my lap in a regular chair and cried while the very nice woman snipped away and tried desperately to entertain him with lollipops, battery operated guitars and a dancing Elmo. It was not good. About 2 minutes into it and halfway done he frantically waved his arms and yelled the two words he has definitely mastered. “All done!” He’s had 3 hair cuts since then, 1 involving electric clippers, and I’m looking for tips. He’s gone with Husband when he got his hair cut and it was practically as bad.

Meanwhile, it is 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and the kid is looking downright shaggy. I have to get it trimmed. I’ve been procrastinating like it’s my job.

Do I:
A: go for the salon cut where I will likely have to physically restrain him on my lap while one or both of us is sobbing
B: cut it myself with scissors
C: cut is myself with electric clippers
D: buy him a hat and possibly loan him a pony tail holder