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My daughter farts like an old man and other Random Tuesday Thoughts

I am now the proud mom of not just a toddler, but also an adorable 4 week old little girl. Considering my son is just 20 months old, I’m surprised by how much I forgot about newborns. Or maybe I just didn’t get it the first time. Is that possible?

In no particular order:
So small!
Nursing every 2 hours?!?!
Breast pads
The turbo engine powered farts (from the baby)
C-section recovery
So small!
So ridiculously cute and snuggly
My pant options suck right now
No stranger should even THINK of getting close to my baby
Obsessive hand washing
The ridiculous faces she makes
There is nothing better than having her nap on my chest
There are way too many gizmos marketed out there to make my life easier

What do you remember that you forgot?

Thanks Keely for keeping Random Tuesday Thoughts going! Please check out her super randomness as well.



She’s Here!

On Tuesday, August 3, we were blessed with a new addition to our family: An adorable little girl.

I ended up going the c-section route after all. I talked with my doctor, and other doctors, and researched, and talked with friends until I definitely over analyzed the whole thing. But really, can you over analyze the birth of your baby? A planned c-section was the best solution and I’m glad I did it. It went really well and I don’t think I’d change a thing.

Baby girl is gorgeous and is yawing in front of me as we speak. She is all swaddled up and looks like a burrito with a head. In the best possible way a baby can look like a burrito.

Just wanted to keep you up to date. I have to hold her now. I’m powerless to resist. More posts on how the toddler big brother is handling the whole thing and what a genius MY parents are, later on.

Go find yourself a burrito with a big smiley face and get some snuggle time in. It will do you good.