It’s hard out here for a pup

So, on the list of things to do pre- new baby is finding a place to board our pup for the first few days. It will be hectic enough for all at my parents house, managing the Toddler, and me at the hospital with the newborn, and not having to contend with our wonderful but slightly dysfunctional pup will be great for my parents. So I’ve been making calls looking for the perfect spot for our lab/ hound mix 3 year old pup.

No thank you place number 1. It’s sweet that you let the dogs sleep inside with you in your self described double wide, but no.

No thank you place number 2. I’m sure you are the Ritz of dog hotels but it would cost more for 3 nights than my husband and I would spend on a weekend away for ourselves.

Thank you but no place number 3. You want how much for a bath and you don’t even do glands?

Place number 4, you are the winner. Lots of supervised fun, indoor/ outdoor time, a pool and a bath! With glands!

Thank you for being there. I was getting a little worried.

And don’t worry, we’re not shielding our pup from the newborn, we just can only deal with so much for the first few days. I know they’ll all be best friends soon. Woof!


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