Warning: Randomness Below

When I started this blog I didn’t intend for most of the posts to be about my family.  It’s just sort of happened and expanded that way.  I guess that’s what happens when you start your blog when you are 7 months pregnant with your first child, in a city with no family and you feel like you are swimming through Jello.

Anyway, I’m wavering on this “elective” c-section I’m having on August 3.  It’s “elective” because my OB who will deliver the baby, not the scary OB I’m no longer seeing, says that if I want to try having a VBAC, it’s fine.  The hospital I’ll be at is a trauma hospital, one of the best in the state, and women do it all the time.  Also, you don’t have to have a c-section just because you had one before, but more than 2 c-sections increases the chances of something not going smoothly for future pregnancies.  So are we really done with 2 or are we considering 3?  I suppose I’m considering 3; Husband is fine stopping at 2.   It’s not like we couldn’t have more, we would just need to be sure we were delivering at a great hospital.

Also, part of me wants to know what it’s like to go into labor.  Toddler was a week late, induced, and absolutely nothing happened except him getting stressed out to the point where they had to do an emergency c-section.  Bottom line is that, that  is what I want to avoid at all costs.  I do not want to go so far over my due date that they have to induce me and then have the same result.  It was hard on the baby and hard on me.  A friend of mine had her first naturally and then had twins via c-section.  She can’t believe I’m even considering not having a c-section.  Ugh, maybe the elective c-section is the way to go after all.  Thanks for letting me talk this out.

On another note, why aren’t there more parking spots for parents with strollers closer to doors?  Library? Grocery store? Mall?

I think 19 month old Toddler is ready for potty training, but I don’t want to start that until his part time day care does it too, and they don’t do that until they are in the 2 year old room.  Ugh.

I love our local Raley’s.  They give a cookie to kids to munch while you shop and you get a balloon when you leave. Right there that makes “THE STORE” the favorite place of Toddler, followed closely by the library, which is pretty awesome.  It has a huge kids area, puzzles, bins of board books, interesting things hanging from the ceiling, activity boards, a huge area with pillows and rocking chairs and kid sized table and chairs.  Best of all: they crank up the AC in that room as if they are using it to store ice for a margarita machine.

Speaking of names, we have a ton of girl names and only 2 boy names picked out for this new baby and we don’t love the boy names.  We have got to get on it.  Random poll of strangers and friends goes 2:1 in favor of this baby being a girl.

I’m also reading up on how to make sure Toddler feels involved and loved and a part of everything when the new baby comes.  Any words of wisdom?


One response to “Warning: Randomness Below

  1. But your friend is done having kids after 3 and you may not be done after 2. Listen to that voice in your head asking you to research why you would schedule major surgery if you are healthy. You can look at childbirth.org for research.

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