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It’s hard out here for a pup

So, on the list of things to do pre- new baby is finding a place to board our pup for the first few days. It will be hectic enough for all at my parents house, managing the Toddler, and me at the hospital with the newborn, and not having to contend with our wonderful but slightly dysfunctional pup will be great for my parents. So I’ve been making calls looking for the perfect spot for our lab/ hound mix 3 year old pup.

No thank you place number 1. It’s sweet that you let the dogs sleep inside with you in your self described double wide, but no.

No thank you place number 2. I’m sure you are the Ritz of dog hotels but it would cost more for 3 nights than my husband and I would spend on a weekend away for ourselves.

Thank you but no place number 3. You want how much for a bath and you don’t even do glands?

Place number 4, you are the winner. Lots of supervised fun, indoor/ outdoor time, a pool and a bath! With glands!

Thank you for being there. I was getting a little worried.

And don’t worry, we’re not shielding our pup from the newborn, we just can only deal with so much for the first few days. I know they’ll all be best friends soon. Woof!


You Know What’s Really Great?


I know you can’t choose your family, but if I did have that chance, I can’t imagine I’d change a thing.

Warning: Randomness Below

When I started this blog I didn’t intend for most of the posts to be about my family.  It’s just sort of happened and expanded that way.  I guess that’s what happens when you start your blog when you are 7 months pregnant with your first child, in a city with no family and you feel like you are swimming through Jello.

Anyway, I’m wavering on this “elective” c-section I’m having on August 3.  It’s “elective” because my OB who will deliver the baby, not the scary OB I’m no longer seeing, says that if I want to try having a VBAC, it’s fine.  The hospital I’ll be at is a trauma hospital, one of the best in the state, and women do it all the time.  Also, you don’t have to have a c-section just because you had one before, but more than 2 c-sections increases the chances of something not going smoothly for future pregnancies.  So are we really done with 2 or are we considering 3?  I suppose I’m considering 3; Husband is fine stopping at 2.   It’s not like we couldn’t have more, we would just need to be sure we were delivering at a great hospital.

Also, part of me wants to know what it’s like to go into labor.  Toddler was a week late, induced, and absolutely nothing happened except him getting stressed out to the point where they had to do an emergency c-section.  Bottom line is that, that  is what I want to avoid at all costs.  I do not want to go so far over my due date that they have to induce me and then have the same result.  It was hard on the baby and hard on me.  A friend of mine had her first naturally and then had twins via c-section.  She can’t believe I’m even considering not having a c-section.  Ugh, maybe the elective c-section is the way to go after all.  Thanks for letting me talk this out.

On another note, why aren’t there more parking spots for parents with strollers closer to doors?  Library? Grocery store? Mall?

I think 19 month old Toddler is ready for potty training, but I don’t want to start that until his part time day care does it too, and they don’t do that until they are in the 2 year old room.  Ugh.

I love our local Raley’s.  They give a cookie to kids to munch while you shop and you get a balloon when you leave. Right there that makes “THE STORE” the favorite place of Toddler, followed closely by the library, which is pretty awesome.  It has a huge kids area, puzzles, bins of board books, interesting things hanging from the ceiling, activity boards, a huge area with pillows and rocking chairs and kid sized table and chairs.  Best of all: they crank up the AC in that room as if they are using it to store ice for a margarita machine.

Speaking of names, we have a ton of girl names and only 2 boy names picked out for this new baby and we don’t love the boy names.  We have got to get on it.  Random poll of strangers and friends goes 2:1 in favor of this baby being a girl.

I’m also reading up on how to make sure Toddler feels involved and loved and a part of everything when the new baby comes.  Any words of wisdom?

Doctor with worst bedside manner ever.

I am so frustrated.  Actually, I’m just annoyed now, I was angry first, then frustrated, now just annoyed.  I have to go back to the Bay Area, 2 1/2 hours from where we live now to have our baby.  I talked about the insurance issue a little in my last post, but I didn’t really vent enough about the doctor and I feel like I need to.  The ridiculously egotistical OB with the worst bedside manner ever.

I found this new OB in our new town via our insurance; there are not a lot of options here.  My husband and I went in together for my 32 week appointment and after 10 minutes of small talk, he asks, when we want to plan the c-section.  I tell him that actually, we wanted to talk about that.  Is that necessary or can I have a VBAC (first baby was an unplanned c-section).  Dr. OB says there is a 1 in 100 chance that something could go wrong with a VBAC and then goes on to explain that the local hospital does not have the necessary people on staff at all times to manage it if something were to go wrong, so in the case where the first birth is a c-section, the rest have to be too.  He THEN goes ON about the worst case scenarios. He already has me convinced and if he took a moment to look at my face he would have seen that my emotions were right there and that I was near tears.  We said we got it and it was fine but he insisted that he finish and went on to actually say that if we do have a VBAC and we are the 1 in 100 worst case scenario there could be a dead baby or dead mommy.  He actually said those words, repeatedly.  At this point, I’m openly crying and Husband says, dude, that’s enough, we get it.  Dr OB looks up finally and says, I didn’t mean to upset you, I just wanted to make sure you got the picture.  I replied that he scared the shit out of me 5 minutes ago after the first “dead baby” mention and didn’t need to go on and if he had looked at me for just a second he would have realized the impact.  We talked, he apologized profusely.

Believe it or not I actually planned to go ahead with him being my doctor for this pregnancy anyway.  I would only see him a few more times and then in the hospital the nurses do most everything anyway; plus I’m so far along it will be a pain to find another doctor in this hick town.  I also rationalized that because he was so egotistical he is probably a great surgeon.  Thank goodness fate intervened.

The hospital does not take our insurance.  The OB did, the hospital does not.  I didn’t know that was possible.

So, I’m going back to the East Bay to my old OB tomorrow who accepts our insurance, as does the rock star hospital she delivers at.

Turns out this is not a bad thing at all.  I’ll be closer to my parents who will love to pamper me, actually, pamper their toddler grandson and newborn grandchild.  I actually love this OB.  So, thank goodness that hospital didn’t take our insurance after all.

I don’t know when my new c-section date will be, I think that’s the way I’m leaning, but it will most likely be the first week of August.

There will be two under two in the house.  Words of wisdom?