Time to get off, or maybe on, the emotional roller coaster

I just finished week of three of the toddler being in his new part-time day care.  The first week we both cried.  The second week was on and off, me and him, I just didn’t let him see me get upset.  The third week there were no tears on either side.  In fact, he ran to play with the toys as he blew me a kiss and said bye-bye.  I want him to miss me, but I’m thrilled that he’s become so adjusted to it.  The staff is great, the other kids are awesome, I think it’s good.

The 5 hours a day that I have to myself to do my part-time gig is awesome.  But it is so great to pick him up in the afternoon and get that big hug and smile from him.

my emotional roller coaster

In other news, my OB in my new town is affiliated with my insurance. I checked, like anyone would, right?  I pre-registered with the hospital for my c-section in early August and just received a call that says the HOSPITAL does not contract with my insurance company.  How is that possible?  The OB does, the only hospital that he delivers at, the ONLY hospital in town does not?  Perfect.  I’m 33 weeks people. Don’t get too close to me, I’m close to the edge. (That’s a line in a song right?)

So… what we are doing is going back to the OB I saw when I first moved back to California that is near my parent’s house in the Bay Area and delivering at the hospital there.  The OB and the hospital take our insurance, I triple checked.  I called the OB’s office and plead my sad emotional case to the scheduler and we can work it out.  I plan to embrace her as soon as I see her.  All the doctor appointments and craziness that goes along with it. The HUGE upside is that I can stay with my parents for the week before the c-section and for as long as I want (probably about a week) after.  It really will be awesome having family right there to help with the toddler because Husband will have to work a little back home, 2 1/2 hours away.  Another bonus is that I really like this doctor, even though I only saw her twice, a whole lot more than the doctor back home.  I think I was just all set with the plan and then the rug got pulled out.  You can’t do that to a pregnant woman. Isn’t it a law?

Also, I have got to get my hair cut and colored one more time before the big day. And a pedicure.  I don’t need anything waxed, please.  My skin is just one big nerve right now and I think they’d have to pry me off the ceiling when they ripped it off.

My toddler has started throwing food on the floor and laughing.  I say a very firm ‘no’ and then take him out of his high chair and say “all done”.  Seems not serious enough and he is clearly not fazed.  The kid has not eaten dinner the last 2 nights, although he’s eating during the day and drinking.  Thoughts?

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2 responses to “Time to get off, or maybe on, the emotional roller coaster

  1. Throwing food on the floor? Not much you can do other than ignore it.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I loved how you said ugh, like you totally know about late night worm binges. (now that I know your pregnant, I’d say watch for pica, eating worms might be a sign you need calcium..er..something, haha!!!)

    My toddlers do the food thing too. To the point where it’s worried me! How can you eat more than an adult one day & then not eat for 3 days???? My kids ped told me it’s very normal & kids have a way of regulating themselves in regards to their growing & activity & somedays, even for a week, they just dont eat. That being said, it’s easy to say “don’t sweat it” when it isnt YOUR child who is on day 3 of only having a cracker. But, atleast you know your not alone, so many of my mom friends have said theirs do the same, if that helps any!
    I wont even get started on how wrong your whole situation is with the hospital..I had my own hospital drama & that being said.. they need to work out a system for the pregos, like “she says, we make it happen” type of thing, because hormonal women are NOT good to tick off!!!
    And, lastly, before I put you to sleep with my story here, good luck!!! =)

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