Mad skillz right here. Not mine…

Well, it’s been a heck of a few weeks. How are you doing? We made it through the move and here we are in our Northern California rented abode.  It’s not a house I would buy, style-wise, but it’s pretty new, in a great neighborhood and has just enough space. Plus Husband’s commute is only 10 minutes to his dream job and my freelance work lets me pad down the hall to the kitchen to work.  No complaints, we’re in a good place. Bonus, my sister is coming up for a week (a week!) to visit.  It will be awesome. She is bringing me shoes and her mad cooking skillz.  Seriously, she should have her own show, or at least a blog.

On another note, baby bean is going to be born the first week of August. Evidently in our small town the hospital policy is that once you have one c-section, future deliveries need to be too because they don’t have the staff immediately available to handle an emergency during a VBAC if one should arise. No problem, I was leaning that way anyway. My new doctor kinda scared the bah – jeezes out of me with the 1 in 100 scenario though. Seriously, he went on and on to what could happen to that 1%, to the point that I was in tears and he evidently sucks at reading body language.

I have a crock pot now. I’m convinced that if I use it even twice a week it will solve all my problems.  Or at least have a hot dinner. I’m embarrassed by how many salads and frozen dinners we’ve had since we moved up here. I can’t seem to get my act together.  Luckily the toddler loves frozen peas, toast, chicken, chicken, pasta, applesauce, yogurt and green olives.  Staples in every home right?

Have you seen the show on AMC “Breaking Bad”?  It’s awesome, yo.  And it’s On Demand, which is my new best friend.  I’m also on NetFlix and need to beef up my queue because I know I’ll be watching a few movies when the bean is born and I’m recovering.  Anything new out I should keep an eye out for?  I like dark comedies, thrillers and I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy if it doesn’t have Meg Ryan in it. Nothing against Meg, but I’ve seen them all enough thank you.

So, in short: New house is good,  favorite (only) sister is coming for a long visit, and I’ll be having a new baby at the beginning of August, which brings the tally to two under two. Help. I have a crock pot that I expect to magically make us dinner and I’m planning on watching a lot of tv and lounging around while the rest of the family takes care of the kids.

That’s been my life for the past two weeks, hope yours is less chaotic but lots of fun!


One response to “Mad skillz right here. Not mine…

  1. wow! busy, busy! i love my crock pot.

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