The Love/ Hate Edition – Random Tuesday Thoughts

Good morning party people.  I’m going to jump right into the random, thank you Keely, once again for providing structure to the chaos that is my brain.

Acid reflux is a bitch.

Seeing baby toes on the sonogram is amazing.

Maternity swimsuit is just a hair better than a muumuu.

I miss my husband who is working 2 1/2 hours away from me, and looking for a place for his family to live.

I love having the bed to myself.

5am does not like me and I don’t like it either. So there.  phhhbbbbt.

I love that the toddler snuggled in bed with me for the first time this morning, for a whole 5 minutes!

My parents’ neighbor has a pickup truck whose license plate reads “DEDDUX”. Classy.

While  snooping cleaning out the closet, I found my old fold-up butterfly chair from college.  That bastard was very uncomfortable, but  there was something about it that made me want to love it.

I would love it if our dog could pick up her own poop.

Love liverwurst and mustard on rye.

Loving decaf coffee with half and half.

Not loving the double parked guy in front of the pharmacy.

Wish that I would have a dream that would give me a hint to my baby’s gender.

Love my toddler’s new haircut even though it makes him look more like a little boy than a baby.

Hate when a little tiny pee escapes when I sneeze unexpectedly.

Thankful, for all the goodness in my life.

Love the opportunity to read so many great bloggers out there. You all rock.


One response to “The Love/ Hate Edition – Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Snuggling with a toddler is amazing, warm and lovely- while it lasts!
    I haven’t had liverwurst is years. I’m going to go get some now. Thanks for the randomness.

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