Move to the boonies, or stay in civilization? Random Tuesday Thoughts

This is the third week in a row where all I can manage is a RTT post.

I’ve started freelancing part time, which is awesome, but also not awesome.  I like the idea of being able to keep my hand in the game while I’m on maternity leave, have a little flexibility with my time and bring in some moolah.  The not awesome is that sometimes the laziness kicks in.  Maybe it’s not even laziness, I would just rather be doing something else.  Trying that new ginger cake recipe. Going to the park with the toddler. Going for a walk with the dog, toddler and husband.

The latest addition to this saga is Husband’s job opportunities.  It’s tough here in the Bay Area, as it is elsewhere, and as you may know, we both came here jobless, but with leads. We are still at my parents house, as we planned to do for a few months, before the baby is born.  The best option so far is a great career step for him doing what he loves, but it is in the boonies.  It is in a small college town 3 hours away from my parents.  It is small, people.  I am not a small, rural town kind of gal.  If he goes this route, I’ve been promised that he will pursue a transfer in a year.  I can freelance anywhere and as he has the best opportunity to be gainfully employed for the foreseeable future,  it’s kinda up to him.  There is a small, small chance of something else, only an hour from my parents, who are the reason we moved back to California, but will be more of a job and less of a career move, and it will not require moving to the boonies but actually staying in civilization.

Part of me wants to yell, “take the soul sucking, better paying, closer to my family, job”, but my heart knows that he’d be happier in the boonies at his dream job.  So, can I do it for a year?  Absolutely.  It’s just a year.  I can do anything for a year.  Right?  A final decision will be made by the end of the week.

On with the random.

We don’t know if this baby will be a boy or a girl but we think girl, and she will be born in early August.

We have our list of girl names but it is so hard to come up with boy names right now.

Husband got me a beautiful bouquet of iris and tulips for mom’s day over the weekend.

Staying in my old high school bedroom has brought back a ton of memories.   Good and less good.

It’s teacher appreciation week. Go hug your teacher.  (Hi sis!)

Where can I find cute, inexpensive maternity jeans?  Ugh.  I’m not spending $100 on a pair of jeans I’ll just wear for a few more months but I’d really like a pair that fit right.  I hate my old pair from my last pregnancy.  I looked fat, not pregnant.

The toddler has a huge vocabulary now, dominated by the word “more”.  Usually referring to whatever food he is eating.

Sigh.  Husband asks, what’s on your mind?

Me: nothing, everything.


7 responses to “Move to the boonies, or stay in civilization? Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. awww. good luck on the job thing. i’m a City Girl so i know how you feel but a year isn’t So Bad :):):)

  2. I always vote for whatever will make someone happy, career-wise. But if you’re the type that doesn’t make friends easily or can’t function without major social interaction, it will probably be hard on you.

    Also, I’d spend the $100. It’s one less thing you have to stress about when you’re pregnant 😉

  3. Also…hang in there! 🙂

  4. My gap maternity jeans were alway my fav. I love the roll panel.

    Good luck with the job stuff. Tough decisions.

  5. Old Navy for the jeans!

    And it sounds like the dream job is the way to go. I mean, that’s why it’s called a dream job, right? And maybe three hours away isn’t too too far. It’s a lot closer than Atlanta, right?

  6. crazylovescompany

    Yeah, it’s going to be the Boonies and the dream job. He will be so much happier which means we all will be so much happier. I can handle Boonies. I’ll show those Boonies they’re not so tough. I’ll start a book club and a Thirsty Thursday and they’ll never know what hit them. And it IS so much closer than Atlanta. But first, shopping! Thanks ladies.

  7. You can live anywhere for a year (and a little more) I moved 12 times in 12 years and lived in some horrible places.

    I vote for spending the money on the jeans. Wear them everyday! Who cares if everyone says, “She wears the same jeans everyday.”
    Happy RTT

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