Random Tuesday Thoughts- Have I hit a balance? Will I blow it?

I think I have actually hit some type of balance.

I have the opportunity to freelance for about 20 hours a week, spend time with the toddler, the parents AND the husband.  I didn’t mean to put Husband last there but considering his schedule, it’s a little amazing.  I hope I didn’t just jinx myself by writing about this event that I thought was as rare as the perfect black heel.

Really, this is my dream scenario.  I want to work some, not full time, my husband is pursuing a full time gig in a location yet to be determined so this is perfect.  So why am I a little anxious about getting started this week?  Yikers.

On to the random!

Acid reflux can pretty much suck it.

I made a new double chocolate cookie the other day and it was blah.  A waste of good chocolate.  Today I made a batch of double chocolate cookies from a tried and true recipie and achieved awesomeness.  I put them each in their own container but hid the awesome ones a little.  My dad and Husband wouldn’t know a blah from an awesome if it was spelled out for them.  So they may never find the second batch.  We’ll just save them for me and my mom.  Is that evil? Do I care?

Husband just sent me a pic of of Toddler playing at the park. He is wearing some crazy combo that I wouldn’t have sent him out with, but on him, it works!

Is it worth it to have the internet on my blackberry so I can get email on it?

This is my 151st post.

Today has shown me, again, how valuable relationships are.  I knew that, but today a bucket of obvious was dumped on me. Thanks karma!


One response to “Random Tuesday Thoughts- Have I hit a balance? Will I blow it?

  1. my husband always dresses our children like hobos.

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