Random Tuesday Thoughts on Why I Love California More Than the Other 49


This isn’t really a why California is better post.  It’s more of a recap of the great weekend we had a few days ago, a month after our move here from Atlanta.

What a weekend! On Friday we all loaded into the car, me, Husband, mom, dad and toddler and went to Sacramento so my husband and mom could go fishing.

That’s right.  Husband is huge on fly-fishing, my mom thinks there is something romantic about standing by a river for hours with a stick.  So, every year Husband takes her out a few times to fish.  This time the rest of us came along.  No bites, but it was gorgeous outside and we ended up at a state park so it was not a total waste of time.

On the way home a woman in a yellow Beetle with a DUCK in the passenger seat passed us.  A real DUCK.  Mallard maybe?  None of us had a camera in the car but you have to believe me.  It was able to see out the window, we could see the neck and head, so it was propped up on something.  Perhaps so it could look out the window and laugh at his friends who had to FLY?

On Saturday Husband, toddler and I cruised around Berkeley for the afternoon because it had been ages.  Not much has changed, especially the area around UC Berkeley, but we had a great time.  Buskers, dogs, random parade, burgers, possible contact high….

Sunday was spent walking around a lake with more ducks and a playground.  Folks, it doesn’t get better for Toddler than to have ducks AND a playground.  Plus, a dog.  A very friendly, cute, happy to be pet vigorously by a small child, dog that was not ours. 

On a side note, this is where I want to raise our kids. Close beaches, lakes, mountains, cities, great people, family… and generally more acceptance of other people than other states I’ve lived in.

So, right now, California is the rockstar state for me.  Plus, my family is here, which was the whole point of moving here, and it has been awesome.  I suppose any state where my family is would make it pretty high on the rockstar scale. You?


4 responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts on Why I Love California More Than the Other 49

  1. Welcome to CA! Glad you’re enjoying things thus far. I absolutely love that some woman was driving along the highway with her duck. And that she’d given him a little booster so he could see out. And I love that your husband takes your mom fly fishing. Good for both of them!

  2. A duck? OMG – that’s hilarious. I once saw a llama riding in the backseat of someone’s car…strange, but true…

  3. I went to San Diego once for 10 days and immediately fell in love with it. I would have moved there if it hadn’t been for the logistical nightmare of moving a dog and three cats from Virginia.

    A duck in a car… Strangely enough I can picture it, is that weirder than the fact that there was a duck in a car?

  4. A duck? Really? I used to have a pet duck named Albert. He wasn’t allowed in the car though.

    And fly fishing? I can think of a million more things more romantic than fly fishing. To each his own though. You should suggest she read the book A River Runs Through It. I’ll bet it would appeal to her.

    Happy RTT!

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