I’m Feeling A Little Crazy

A small part of me wishes the decision were made for me.  If I HAD to go back to work right now, 5 months pregnant and living in a city I haven’t lived in for 6 years, I’d find something and do something.  Maybe even more of a job, as opposed to a career position.  But I don’t HAVE to.  Husband is looking and will likely find something great in a month or two.  We have savings.  We thought this all out before we came out here.

In the meantime, I’m watching our toddler, our dog and hanging out with my parents when they aren’t working, which is about 3 days a week.  And by the way, the grandparents are the whole reason we moved back out to California.

If I could just not work until a few months after the baby is born, I’d love it.  I don’t think we really have that luxury right now.  We’re staying with my parents. We need our own place, even an apartment, before the baby is born.  Maybe I should try working at a maternity store.  That seems like a good idea.  A few days a week.  A little money in, less guilt about not working. 

Then again, if I don’t make a strategic career move soon, how hard will it be for me to find a good job in 8-9 months?  How do I explain that gap?


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