Random Tuesday Thoughts- Now With More Random

I don’t always have enough thoughts for a good RTT post, but tonight, at 9:36pm when I’m tired but I can’t sleep, I have a few.


My little 15 month old boy is constantly mistaken for a girl.  He has longish hair, almost to his shoulders, but it’s not like it’s long enough to braid.  If he was 15 it would look surfer-ish.  I dress him in ‘boy’ clothes but clearly it’s not working.  Hint: if you see a cute kid and you’re not 100% sure it’s a boy or a girl, just try saying: “What a cute baby.” or “What a cute kid.”  Thank you.

I used to think that our lives are delicate.  Now I think that each individual life is delicate, but our lives themselves are strong.  They are strong because of the people in our lives and each of our lives hold other people’s lives too.  I’m sure there’s a good animal or architecture analogy here somewhere.

It’s hard out here for a toddler.

I’m having a hard time getting used to this whole “talking on the phone while driving is illegal” thing.  Even at a stop light?

Did I mention our dog managed the cross-country trip with flying colors?  Except for the not eating thing.  But she’s making up for it now. 

Mail forwarding is genius.  So is natural peanut butter.  And clear deodorant.  And solar-powered outdoor lighting.

Pretentiousness is an ugly accessory on anyone.

Looking forward to seeing some extended family next weekend for the Easter festivities.  Hope the weather holds out! We held an egg hunt practice in the backyard this weekend.  He found the eggs, but wouldn’t let go of them.  He can hold 3 at a time so that’s what I’m thinking will happen next weekend.  Let’s face it, at this age I think it’s more of a photo opp for us than fun for them.  And I’m okay with that.

Finally, GIANT hugs to Becky for all that she’s got going on.


6 responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts- Now With More Random

  1. Happy RTT.

    My son was mistaken for a girl for a long time too. Eventually it stopped, but it did continue for a while even after we cut his hair. And I love watching kids hunt for easter eggs. Have fun with that.

  2. My daughter was constantly called a boy until a couple of months ago (she’s 23 months now). I’m not sure what changed since she’s not suddenly wearing pink dresses and her hair is still pretty short and thin.

  3. We dressed my son as a chicken for Halloween two years ago – it had a hood and everything, so you couldn’t even see his hair – just his face. All night long, people were telling us what a pretty little girl we have. So I guess this means my son as a girly…face?

  4. I think that solar-powered outdoor lighting is genius, too! I’d never have gotten any if I’d had to deal with figuring out how to run powercord to all of them!! 😉

  5. Hey! Thanks for the hugs and the shout-out! I am feeling pretty good today and starting to get back out onto the interwebs.

    I hope y’all’s Easter was fun and that your egg hunt practice paid off! You’re right that at this age, a little candy and a photo op equals success!

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