3 Ways to Deal with Tantrums Really Badly

I had a first this weekend.  Rather, my toddler had a first, so I guess it’s my first too.  He got upset that I wouldn’t give him more cheese so he fell to his knees and screamed.  What is that?!?  I thought he hurt himself and the cry was his response, but no.  Before I realized that it was a “T”, I tried to console him.  Ha.  When the light went on in my head I tried the following:

  • ignoring while in the room
  • walking away
  • distraction

Guess which of these worked.  None. 

Not my child, but might as well be. Photo credit: ericarhiannon

He kept at it while I was in the room.  When I walked away he FOLLOWED me while screaming.  When I tried to distract him with something else he slowed down but still was acting out.  I’m not sure what finally worked 30 minutes later, but he stopped.  I was so confused and tired I don’t think I realized when he stopped the show. 

Did I just not wait it out long enough with the ignoring?  Advice please.  Unless you think he’ll be the first toddler to have just one tantrum.


One response to “3 Ways to Deal with Tantrums Really Badly

  1. Well, as I’m sure you know, kids are more likely to tantrum when they are tired/hungry/board, so if you can solve the problem with a nap/snack/game, great.
    I always wait them out. Oscar would tantrum for about 2 minutes, but because I was ignoring him, he’d stop (now I use 1-2-3 Magic for him, though, because he’s two.)

    Miles will pitch a fit for, like EVER. It’s so annoying. With him, distraction works best – I’ll tickle him or blow raspberries on his tummy. I think do what ever you feel comfortable with, but just be consistent. If you’re gonna ignore, you should always ignore. If you are going to distract, you should always distract.

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