I Love the 80’s!


Is that show still on?  It was always a nice little trip and stumble down memory lane for me.  Anyway, in the final leg of packing and uncovering random stuff, I came across one of my old cases that held my cassettes.  Yes.  A myriad of mix tapes and ones I bought.  I kept the very first one I bought, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA.  Right?  Here is a glimpse into my 80’s listening.  Raise your hand if you hated it when the DJ would talk over the end of the song when you were recording it off the radio!

Go ahead.  Let the ridicule begin. That’s right.  I got not just the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, but the MORE Dirty Dancing too.  I have the sudden urge to go to a skating rink…


One response to “I Love the 80’s!

  1. Oh my god! I think I had every one of those! I enlarged the picture and just wallowed in nostalgia. Great one.

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