When You’re Pregnant There Are A Lot of Things You Shouldn’t Do

Cutting your own hair is one of them.

I haven’t cut my own hair since I was 8.  It wasn’t good.  However, last month when I got my hair cut I asked for long sweepy bangs.  My stylist obliged.  I got home, thought they looked good.  THE NEXT day, I look at them, right up close, nose against the mirror, and thought:  hmm, they look too long.  And then I did it.  I took a scissors, a regular kitchen scissors, and CUT them.  yep.  I was proud of myself and went to bed very smug in my skills.

THE NEXT day I showered and as I was doing my hair, something didn’t seem right.  And then I remembered what I had done.  I did NOT do a good job.  What was I thinking? What had I done?  It was as if I was regretting some horrible one night stand.  But the thing was, I wasn’t drunk, or high or anything.  I was just extra pregnant evidently.

Did I go back immediately to have them fixed? Noooo.  I tried to play it down.  I ignored the weird look from my husband when he saw my hair.  I tucked those bangs back with a bobby pin and moved on.  A nice combination of embarrassed and frustrated and annoyed with myself.

So….. last weekend I went in for my regular appt and totally confessed to Kristin.  She laughed.  I will forever be a what not to do in her book.  She will also second guess doing anything new for a pregnant woman.  Can you blame her?

So she fixed my bangs, said it “wasn’t that bad” and sent me on my way.  What the heck posessed me?

Tell me you’ve done something crazy in a moment of pregnancy?


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