Going back to Cali

Good morning.  We made a a huge family decision in December.  We are moving back to California.  That’s right.  After 6 very good years in Atlanta we decided we needed to move back to California to be closer to family.  While Atlanta has been very good to us (although certain parts were weird) it came down to family.  Now that we have a toddler and are expecting a new baby in August, the following things hit us squarely in the forehead:

  • we would like our kids to know their grandparents better
  • we would like our parents to know our kids
  • we are tired of Atlanta
  • we love the Bay Area
  • we have itchy feet (not the athletes foot kind, the other kind)

So, we made plans and we are jumping in 1 week.  Why jumping you ask?  Because neither of the grown-ups in our family have a job planned out there, we are selling all of our furniture except for the baby’s, and we are staying with my PARENTS for 2-3 months until one of us gets a job.  And since I’m actually looking pregnant now, it will likely be my husband since I have never heard of a woman getting hired when she is visibily pregnant. (Thanks for the insights Brooke!)


I may or may not have mention previously that Husband and my DAD are driving both our cars cross country over 5 days and pulling 1 trailer with boxes of the random stuff I can not part with right now.  I will be taking the toddler on the plane with me on a hopefully not unpleasant flight.  I’m sure the stories from my husband after that trip will yield at least 10, maybe 11 juicy posts. Certainly a picture.  Oh, and they are taking the DOG.


One response to “Going back to Cali

  1. You most definitely got the better end of that deal! We’ll be reading along. This next week is gonna be crazy I bet.

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