A post by All & Sundry the other day made a little light go on in my head.  I miss spontaneity.  I used to be wild and crazy.  Spontaneous day trips with my husband/ boyfriend.  Meeting friends for coffee spur the moment on a Sunday afternoon or drinks at 11.  10:30 P.M. (!) movies on a regular basis.  Going to bed at 2 a.m. on a Sunday and drinking a pot of coffee on Monday morning… yes, wild and crazy.  Ok, not that crazy but by comparison…

I’d like to say it was the kid that did it to me but I don’t think so.  Somewhere in my early 30’s/ late 20’s I stopped loving the 10:30 P.M. (!) movie and going to work feeling like crap.  We plan our coffees 3-4 days out now and today, spontaneity looks like this in our house on a typical Saturday:

Browse around REI, go to SuperTarget and then…. SPONTANEOUS: want to get a hot chocolate at that cute coffee shop 10 miles from here that uses the fancy chocolate?

Yes.  That is it.  I feel like I’m part of that scene in Back to School where Will Ferrell is talking about his exciting weekend plans including Home Depot and Crate & Barrel.  Sheesh

After this shot we're going to Home Depot!

I need to incorporate a little spontaneity back into the life here.  Maybe we’ll do something really wacky when we get to California.  We’ll leave the bean with the grandparents and just go.  Or, we’ll drive 10 miles to that other cute coffee shop that uses the fancy chocolate.

What are you doing to keep or bring back the spontaneity?  Advice please!


4 responses to “Spontaneity

  1. How about taking a fancy hot chocolate INTO The Crate and Barrel? What with all the spillage opportunities…No. What am I thinking? That’d just be nuts. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I have absolutely NOOOO advice on this subject. I feel like the queen of boring lately. I think it is a combo of the kids AND the old age. Okay, I am only 32. I just laugh at how dull I used to think my parents were when I was a teenager. My kids are going to think we are corpses ;D HA. Good luck on your endeavor.

  3. Tis a fact of life, babies change spontaneity because routine is what works out best. And since most new parents live in the I can’t enough sleep land, living on the wild side is not so appealing.

    Good news is, they get older and self sufficient and your possibilities expand. Now I enjoy semi wild nights out on the town with my grown bunch.
    Of course, when you get older, recovery is a bitch.

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