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Random Tuesday Thoughts- Now With More Random

I don’t always have enough thoughts for a good RTT post, but tonight, at 9:36pm when I’m tired but I can’t sleep, I have a few.


My little 15 month old boy is constantly mistaken for a girl.  He has longish hair, almost to his shoulders, but it’s not like it’s long enough to braid.  If he was 15 it would look surfer-ish.  I dress him in ‘boy’ clothes but clearly it’s not working.  Hint: if you see a cute kid and you’re not 100% sure it’s a boy or a girl, just try saying: “What a cute baby.” or “What a cute kid.”  Thank you.

I used to think that our lives are delicate.  Now I think that each individual life is delicate, but our lives themselves are strong.  They are strong because of the people in our lives and each of our lives hold other people’s lives too.  I’m sure there’s a good animal or architecture analogy here somewhere.

It’s hard out here for a toddler.

I’m having a hard time getting used to this whole “talking on the phone while driving is illegal” thing.  Even at a stop light?

Did I mention our dog managed the cross-country trip with flying colors?  Except for the not eating thing.  But she’s making up for it now. 

Mail forwarding is genius.  So is natural peanut butter.  And clear deodorant.  And solar-powered outdoor lighting.

Pretentiousness is an ugly accessory on anyone.

Looking forward to seeing some extended family next weekend for the Easter festivities.  Hope the weather holds out! We held an egg hunt practice in the backyard this weekend.  He found the eggs, but wouldn’t let go of them.  He can hold 3 at a time so that’s what I’m thinking will happen next weekend.  Let’s face it, at this age I think it’s more of a photo opp for us than fun for them.  And I’m okay with that.

Finally, GIANT hugs to Becky for all that she’s got going on.


3 Ways to Deal with Tantrums Really Badly

I had a first this weekend.  Rather, my toddler had a first, so I guess it’s my first too.  He got upset that I wouldn’t give him more cheese so he fell to his knees and screamed.  What is that?!?  I thought he hurt himself and the cry was his response, but no.  Before I realized that it was a “T”, I tried to console him.  Ha.  When the light went on in my head I tried the following:

  • ignoring while in the room
  • walking away
  • distraction

Guess which of these worked.  None. 

Not my child, but might as well be. Photo credit: ericarhiannon

He kept at it while I was in the room.  When I walked away he FOLLOWED me while screaming.  When I tried to distract him with something else he slowed down but still was acting out.  I’m not sure what finally worked 30 minutes later, but he stopped.  I was so confused and tired I don’t think I realized when he stopped the show. 

Did I just not wait it out long enough with the ignoring?  Advice please.  Unless you think he’ll be the first toddler to have just one tantrum.

How Many Days In A Row Can You Eat Fast Food Before Your Body Completely Rebels?

I ask this question because I have asked my husband every night what they had for dinner on their journey from Atlanta to San Francisco.  Every night it has been fast food.  I ask why, because we are not a fast food family.  My husband has Mickey D’s maybe once a month as a treat to himself, but that’s it.  My dad, who is also on this journey, isn’t big on the junk food either. 

So I ask you, what the heck?

  • Laziness?
  • Feeling a little naughty?
  • Actually craving grease 5 days in a row due to some cholesterol deficiency?

I asked him tonight if there is anything special they’d like for dinner on Saturday when they get in.  He said, “lots of vegetables.”  Big cobb salad it is gentleman.

Phew- We made it!

Well, we made it.  The toddler and I flew from Atlanta to San Francisco on Sunday and it was a helluva trip.  I was really hoping he’d sleep more than an hour but hey, I’ll take it.  I thought I could do it ‘infant in arms’ but I was wrong.  For me I think the age limit on a kid in your lap is 1 year old.  His arms and legs are just the right length to hit the seat in front of us, he wasn’t into videos and all he wanted to do was run up and down the aisle and pick up every bit of smushed cracker on the floor.  Frankly, that would have been fine.  If it wasn’t for the darn turbulence and beverage carts, I would have been happy to have him do that for the 4 remaining hours.  Oh well.  We made it. 

And on Sunday I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in weeks.  A big bed all to myself.  The kid was exhausted and slept through the night, it was so good.  I have no idea what we’re doing for the next few weeks but it definitely involves sleeping and playing and eating cookies with grandma.

Meanwhile, Husband and dad have left this morning for their cross country trip.  It’s not looking good.  They left 4 hours later than they planned due to a lousy night’s sleep for them.  Will they make it to Little Rock tonight as planned?  I have a back up for them in Tupelo and Memphis so we’ll see.  Too bad the dog can’t take a turn driving for them.  I asked for pictures and all I got was an eye roll, so we’ll see.

This morning we hung around the house and when I finally got the toddler out of his pajamas we started in the car to go to the park.  He fell asleep during the 5 minute drive.  Soooo I turned around and came home and put him to bed.  He’s been sleeping for an hour and a half.  I think grandma tuckered him out this morning before she left for work.  We’ll try the park again when he wakes up.  Right now I’m going to lounge on the couch and eat chocolates and see when Ellen is on. 

Hope things are good with you!

I Love the 80’s!


Is that show still on?  It was always a nice little trip and stumble down memory lane for me.  Anyway, in the final leg of packing and uncovering random stuff, I came across one of my old cases that held my cassettes.  Yes.  A myriad of mix tapes and ones I bought.  I kept the very first one I bought, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA.  Right?  Here is a glimpse into my 80’s listening.  Raise your hand if you hated it when the DJ would talk over the end of the song when you were recording it off the radio!

Go ahead.  Let the ridicule begin. That’s right.  I got not just the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, but the MORE Dirty Dancing too.  I have the sudden urge to go to a skating rink…

When You’re Pregnant There Are A Lot of Things You Shouldn’t Do

Cutting your own hair is one of them.

I haven’t cut my own hair since I was 8.  It wasn’t good.  However, last month when I got my hair cut I asked for long sweepy bangs.  My stylist obliged.  I got home, thought they looked good.  THE NEXT day, I look at them, right up close, nose against the mirror, and thought:  hmm, they look too long.  And then I did it.  I took a scissors, a regular kitchen scissors, and CUT them.  yep.  I was proud of myself and went to bed very smug in my skills.

THE NEXT day I showered and as I was doing my hair, something didn’t seem right.  And then I remembered what I had done.  I did NOT do a good job.  What was I thinking? What had I done?  It was as if I was regretting some horrible one night stand.  But the thing was, I wasn’t drunk, or high or anything.  I was just extra pregnant evidently.

Did I go back immediately to have them fixed? Noooo.  I tried to play it down.  I ignored the weird look from my husband when he saw my hair.  I tucked those bangs back with a bobby pin and moved on.  A nice combination of embarrassed and frustrated and annoyed with myself.

So….. last weekend I went in for my regular appt and totally confessed to Kristin.  She laughed.  I will forever be a what not to do in her book.  She will also second guess doing anything new for a pregnant woman.  Can you blame her?

So she fixed my bangs, said it “wasn’t that bad” and sent me on my way.  What the heck posessed me?

Tell me you’ve done something crazy in a moment of pregnancy?

Going back to Cali

Good morning.  We made a a huge family decision in December.  We are moving back to California.  That’s right.  After 6 very good years in Atlanta we decided we needed to move back to California to be closer to family.  While Atlanta has been very good to us (although certain parts were weird) it came down to family.  Now that we have a toddler and are expecting a new baby in August, the following things hit us squarely in the forehead:

  • we would like our kids to know their grandparents better
  • we would like our parents to know our kids
  • we are tired of Atlanta
  • we love the Bay Area
  • we have itchy feet (not the athletes foot kind, the other kind)

So, we made plans and we are jumping in 1 week.  Why jumping you ask?  Because neither of the grown-ups in our family have a job planned out there, we are selling all of our furniture except for the baby’s, and we are staying with my PARENTS for 2-3 months until one of us gets a job.  And since I’m actually looking pregnant now, it will likely be my husband since I have never heard of a woman getting hired when she is visibily pregnant. (Thanks for the insights Brooke!)


I may or may not have mention previously that Husband and my DAD are driving both our cars cross country over 5 days and pulling 1 trailer with boxes of the random stuff I can not part with right now.  I will be taking the toddler on the plane with me on a hopefully not unpleasant flight.  I’m sure the stories from my husband after that trip will yield at least 10, maybe 11 juicy posts. Certainly a picture.  Oh, and they are taking the DOG.

The Very First Movie Review: Sunshine Cleaning

Hi.  I haven’t been to a movie theater since 2008.  I suppose by choice.  We have a 14 month old toddler and when it comes to the idea of going out on a date with my husband, a movie isn’t at the top of the list.  We do have regular movie nights courtesy of NetFlix.  We see at least one a week and rarely are they Hollywood blockbusters.  They are.. frequently off the wall.  So maybe these reviews aren’t for you, but if you’re looking for something new, these might interest you.  On to the review.

Sunshine Cleaning is fantastic.  I would have loved to hear the pitch on this one.  It probably went something like this:

Bob, I have a great idea for a screenplay.

There is this waitress and she has a kid, and crazy sister and a crazier dad.  She needs money and she stumbles on the potentially lucrative profession of CLEANING UP AFTER GRIZZLY DEATH SCENES.  She recruits her sister who eventually totally screws them both out of the business before dad comes in and saves the day.  Is that  a spoiler?  Sorry.

Yea.  Also, Emily Blunt, Amy Adams and Alan Arkin.  I love Alan Arkin.  Definitely a dark comedy.  Love, Love Love it.

Rent it now.  Thank you.


A post by All & Sundry the other day made a little light go on in my head.  I miss spontaneity.  I used to be wild and crazy.  Spontaneous day trips with my husband/ boyfriend.  Meeting friends for coffee spur the moment on a Sunday afternoon or drinks at 11.  10:30 P.M. (!) movies on a regular basis.  Going to bed at 2 a.m. on a Sunday and drinking a pot of coffee on Monday morning… yes, wild and crazy.  Ok, not that crazy but by comparison…

I’d like to say it was the kid that did it to me but I don’t think so.  Somewhere in my early 30’s/ late 20’s I stopped loving the 10:30 P.M. (!) movie and going to work feeling like crap.  We plan our coffees 3-4 days out now and today, spontaneity looks like this in our house on a typical Saturday:

Browse around REI, go to SuperTarget and then…. SPONTANEOUS: want to get a hot chocolate at that cute coffee shop 10 miles from here that uses the fancy chocolate?

Yes.  That is it.  I feel like I’m part of that scene in Back to School where Will Ferrell is talking about his exciting weekend plans including Home Depot and Crate & Barrel.  Sheesh

After this shot we're going to Home Depot!

I need to incorporate a little spontaneity back into the life here.  Maybe we’ll do something really wacky when we get to California.  We’ll leave the bean with the grandparents and just go.  Or, we’ll drive 10 miles to that other cute coffee shop that uses the fancy chocolate.

What are you doing to keep or bring back the spontaneity?  Advice please!