Not My Best Moment

The toddler woke up with a cold this morning.  Runny nose, sneezing.  Did I send him to day-care?  Yes I did. Sorry parents.  When I got him home he was doing much better so hopefully that is it. However, he sneezed a few minutes ago so of course all sorts of juiciness came out.  We just walked into the house, there was nothing around for me to wipe his nose with, I was in my work clothes so… I used my finger and wiped it on HIS shirt.  I’ve since changed the shirt but… eww.  Not my best moment.  Sorry kiddo.


3 responses to “Not My Best Moment

  1. I’ve wiped my kids’ noses on their clothing tons of times. That’s bad parenting?

    • crazylovescompany

      No, I felt more bad about sending him to day care with a runny nose. Not bad parenting, just not my proudest moment. Some days I feel like I’m a totally new parent. Not the mom of a toddler. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone though!

  2. You made a practical mommy choice, why get snot on my clothes when I can wipe it with their own shirt?

    Of course Kleenex would be the superior choice, but sometimes a mama has got to do what mama has got to do.

    Ditto for sending him to daycare. If that’s the worse parenting decision you ever made you’re just a step below…Mary Poppins?

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