Book Review: The Middle Place

I am there right now.

In this book, The Middle Place, the middle place refers to the part of your life where you are both a parent and a child.  In the writer’s case, and in mine, I’m a daughter and a mom.  A lot of you are in this middle place right now.  Or maybe you recently left.

I thought it was good story and it’s just that more moving because it is based on the true life story of Kelly Corrigan.  She is newly married and desperately wanting children when she is diagnosed with cancer.  At about the same time, so is her father.  Given the circumstances of what drives the book, her handling of these two events, it’s not a grim tale.  It’s entertaining and fun, although not without drama, and I would put it in the ‘quick read’ category. It’s really about the hand she is dealt and how she manages it.  Sometimes gracefully, but frequently I’d read a passage and think “what?!?”

What I really like about this book is that it is not a book about cancer.  It’s a book about relationships.  Her dad in this book is hilarious.  Her mom has problems but is strong in her own way.  Her kids are great and what she lives for.  Her husband, whose name escapes me, is the glue with her family and the balance and foot on the ground when she needs it.  It’s a wonderful story and I think every woman would relate in some way.  Perhaps not to cancer or facing the possibility of death but that thing in your life that defines your time before and after.


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