3 Signs Your Life Is About to Be Turned Upside Down

  • You find out you are pregnant and that you will have 2 under 2 before the year is over
  • You decide to move cross country with your family and neither grownup will have a job when you get there

Right, that’s only two, but studies show that you are more likely to read a post if the title starts with an odd number and I can’t think of a third.  But those two are pretty big right?  Surely they count as three.

I haven’t posted in months, life has been a little crazy and something had to go.

I have this thing on my mind that is probably a whole other post.

I’d like your opinion.  It’s about women in the workforce.  It is illegal for a company to not hire a candidate because they are pregnant.  However, I’m convinced that a woman could be the most qualified for a certain position, but if she is visibly pregnant, forget about it.  I’ll write more about this later because it interests me on a personal level, but I’d like your opinion in the meantime.  Any examples?

Back to the life upside down thing.

We are moving back to California in a few weeks.  We realized that while Atlanta has been fun and good to us, we need family.  I want our kids to get to know their grandparents and vice versa.   Imagine this: I’m hopping a plane, all 18 weeks pregnant of me, with a 15 month old, to California in the middle of March.  The next day, my dad is flying out to Atlanta to drive one of our 2 cars, cross country, with my husband, a trailer and dog who has been blessed with more than her fair share of crazy.  Part hound, part lab, part lizard, lover of pats, other dogs and roadkill.  They are going to take 4 nights to do the drive.

There must be some good stories in that right?  4 nights, 5 days, husband, dad, dog, staying at motels that I wouldn’t stay at alone (husband is very, ahem, frugal) going through parts of the country that I somewhat lovingly refer to as the armpit of America, stopping for steaks and pie and beef jerky and bad coffee.  Really, how could there not be stories?  I wonder if I send the camera with them they’ll take pictures.

Send good vibes, I’ll report along the way.  Wish us all luck please.  I’m looking forward to sharing with you again.


4 responses to “3 Signs Your Life Is About to Be Turned Upside Down

  1. OMG, it’s like you’re living my life in reverse. That’s exactly what we did four years ago, for the same reasons, only from CA to Atlanta. I can’t wait to hear your continuing adventures.

    And whew! Gonna be a busy couple months. And OMG again you’re pregnant!

  2. Wow, congrats on number two and the big move! f Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. You sure do have a LOT going on!!! WOW – congrats on all the “exciting” (I like to put a postitive spin on things!) news. It will all work out, it always does. I worked for years in HR and can think of a few scenerios where we did hire someone who is pregnant. However, it is a whole different world out there now in the job market and with so many candidates, it very well could become a factor – NOT that it SHOULD, darn it! Good luck!!!!!! My advice – hide it for as long as you can and DON’T bring it up in the interview process. ;D

  4. crazylovescompany

    Thanks Brooke. I think I’m pretty close to being able to NOT hide it anymore. Unless a mu-mu is acceptable interview attire. Maybe with the right shoes…

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