A New Low

People.  I wiped ginormous amounts of baby snot onto my T-shirt while we were in the grocery store today.   I just got home.

Maybe that’s not weird for a parent.  But it is a first for me.

I picked up the now 8 month old bundle at day care and stopped into the grocery store, with him in the front part of the cart, for a few things on the way home.  Bananas, broccoli, soy milk and normal milk.  And cereal.  And then snow peas, and then baby food.  But that’s it.

As we walked through the cold cuts the bundle sneezed.  And a snot bubble the size of his head came out his left nostril. Followed by what can only be described as a river of goo remaniscent of a scene from Ghost Busters poured out of each nostril.   I was just running in!  I had no diaper bag.  No wipes, not even a McDonalds napkin in my pocket or a skanky tissue in my purse.  Not even a pantiliner, which I probably would have used even though I fear it would not have contained it.

A river of snot is running down the bundles’s face and then I see it, he is reaching up, he’s going to smear it across his face and arms with his little fists and fat fingers.  So I rush to the meat department.  They have paper towels there right?  No.  So  I did the only thing I could do.  I grabbed the bottom of my T-shirt and reached up into the cart and wiped his juicy little nose.

We’re home now.  All is good.  Thanks for listening.


2 responses to “A New Low

  1. it’s not going to be the last my friend.

    motherhood is a humbling gig.

  2. You did what you had to do! Awesome story. And I second Jenni, it won’t be the last time.

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