Cheerios. Smells like feet or the best dinner ever?

no bling required

What’s the one cereal I could eat for every meal?  Cheerios. Not honey and banana or cinnamon nut or whatever, but the original O. I know they aren’t the flashiest cereal. No colored marshmallows, the milk doesn’t turn colors, they don’t talk to you, there’s no bling, but they are so good. However, I think there is something addictive about them. What are toddlers introduced to as one of their first finger foods? That’s right. Here is a tip I learned from my mom and I swear it is so good it’s going to make you want to get some immediately. Unless you’re my husband. He thinks Cheerios smell like dirty feet. Anyway…. melt a little butter in a pan, while it’s still hot, add in a cup of Cheerios so they get a little toasty and buttered, sprinke of salt and voila! Better than popcorn! Try it. Go on, the first one is free.


One response to “Cheerios. Smells like feet or the best dinner ever?

  1. I don’t know if they smell like feet, but they always make me burp up fish.

    You add butter to ANYTHING and it’s good 😉

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