Why yes, I am that fast

Faster than a speeding snausage!


6 responses to “Why yes, I am that fast

  1. When I opened this up the only thing that when through my mind was the way a NASCAR racetrack sounds when the cars zip by. ZZZZOOOOOOMMMMMM!

  2. Looks like (s)he’s having a great time.

    Happy WW!

  3. Oh my gosh, i love the tongue. Great shot!

  4. This is great! If only we (people) could play and run with this much abandon.

  5. Great headline and photo.
    Happy WW. This is what I’m doing now – tackling the dissertation . But I’m still trying to go to Antarctica and would love the Wordless Wednesdays’ community support. Would that be a fantastic set of WW posts – from the South Pole?!
    Please vote for me – DNLee

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