New websites and blogs I love. Or at least like a lot.

So, I’ve been keeping a list of cool websites I’ve found over the last month at the back of my notebook at work and I thought I’d share some of them with you today.  They are all worth a 2 minute look, I’m not affiliated with any of them, just sharing.  If you think they suck, or old news that’s ok. – you take a fun little picture survey based on what celebrities are wearing and decide which style of two you prefer, and you go through about a dozen pairs.  Based on that they decide what style you are most like.  Turns out I’m classic preppy, with glam and minimalist influences; and yeah, that’s about right, but I WANT to be a little more glam. A little more Betsey Johnson than J. Crew.  Sigh.  I’m decidedly less hip since parenthood set in.  I haven’t shopped for me in ages, except for my job. Anyway, fun shopping site because then you receive emailed suggestions for clothes online that you might like to buy that fit your style, price and size.

This ThereIfFixedIt is crazy.  It’s a funny site of pictures people have taken or sent in of things that have been MacGyvered to work.  Things are fixed with duct tape, spit, hair, car doors, whatever.  Worth a few seconds for a laugh.  Husband has been known to MacGyver a few things from time to time but nothing to this extent.  At least I think not.

Woot! The deal with this is that every day they put 1 product up for sale at a great price.  Once it’s sold out, that’s it.  That’s it.  They also have a Woot Shirt sub page too.  Very cool shirts by artists, each one about $15 and available for 1 day, but then they archive it so you can get it if you want to, later.  Check it.

LittleSeed is a new line of clothing and baby stuff by Soleil Moon Frye and Paige Goldberg Tolmach.  A little pricey for every day in my book but the clothes are organic and the toys are adorable and sturdy.  A lot of wood toys that will definitely stand the test of time.  I’m thinking of getting Sophie the giraffe.

Animoto is cool looking, but I haven’t tried it yet.  It makes short, fun videos from your still pictures, set to music, for free.  I like free.  They suggest looking at a select group of pictures that went put together, tell a story. I’m definitely doing it in the next few months.

Also, have you looked at The New Yorker lately?  It’s fabulous.  I recently read an article by Steve Martin (yes, that one) about Michael Jackson the day after his death.  Bonus: footage of Martin from a SNL skit doing the Billie Jean video.  Yes, he dances and he moonwalks.    It’s worth the visit just for that.


One response to “New websites and blogs I love. Or at least like a lot.

  1. Oooh! So excited to check that first one out!

    Lovin this list…

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