Random Tuesday

People, it has been hard to get my thoughts together.  Plus, I have had a never ending cold.  The bundle brought it home last week and I’m the last one to shake it.  I don’t get sick.  But apparently I am susceptible to baby colds.  Awesome.  You know what else is awesome, those tissues with lotion in them.  Genius.  Since all I can put together is evidently random thoughts, and they’re not so much together as, random, I am very happy that such a thing as Keely’s Random Tuesday Thoughts exists.  So, here we go.

My Super Ex Girlfriend is one of the lamest movies ever.

Just saw Joaquin Phoenix’s supposedly last movie, Two Lovers, it’s awesome.  I hope he really isn’t giving up acting.

I don’t know why the street by my house changed to have 2 turn lanes and one straight lane, but it sucks.

We just booked tickets to go visit my parents in California in December.  We didn’t book a seat for the bundle, who will be one year old then.  Are we going to regret that?

Chocolate ice cream, or vodka tonic?

My career, has become a job to pay the bills.

Marlo is a nice name.

Baby shampoo is made specifically to not sting their eyes; shouldn’t all shampoo be like that anyway?

Why do people think it is ok for puppies, because they are puppies, to jump up on little kids?

No matter how bad I’m feeling, a big toothless smile from the bundle makes it better than ok.

All hale Keely and the Random Tuesday Thoughts!  Check it.



11 responses to “Random Tuesday

  1. Chocolate ice cream or vodka tonic? Both. At the same time! Hope you feel better soon x

  2. As for the traveling with an infant on your lap, it isn’t so bad as long as you have short flights (nothing longer than 3 hours) and REMEMBER to bring a stroller to gate check. I almost died (ok died is a little overkill of a word) once at an airport because I thought eh, I’ll just carry about this 20 lb baby all day. Never. Again.

  3. I rescued animals for years and puppies are hard core. They’re relentless and have sharp claws. I got stuck with 6 lab pups (4 weeks old) for a month once and my kid stood on the table to keep away from the little psychos.

  4. Before my kids showed up, I’d get a cold maybe once every 2 years. Now…….I am guaranteed to get at least 4. Yuck! The lotion tissues are the BEST!

    I was going to comment on the “no-seat for baby” dealio but…….looks like Kat’s got it all covered. I second what she said! Those little umbrella strollers can’t be beat at times like that! California in December sounds perfect BTW!

    Get better soon!

  5. Yuck, baby colds. Kids are germy little buggers aren’t they? And traveling with a baby in your lap isn’t that bad if it’s a short flight. When ds was 8 months we did a 10 hour flight from Germany to the US. I totally got him a seat, but on short flights, I didn’t. Last week we flew back to Germany after our Stateside visit(ds is 6 now, so he absolutely got his own seat), there were about 6 moms who had infants on their laps. By about hour 4 they were miserable.

  6. i took Oscar to CA when he was 20 months and he traveled in my lap. it was fine. just have an umbrella stroller that you can gate check, like Kat said.

  7. not 20 months, 13 months. so fried today.

  8. Vodka Tonic.. all the way.

  9. I don’t understand the puppy thing either. People have the same attitude with ‘little’ dogs, which I understand even LESS.

  10. Chocolate ice cream.

    Yes, that would make sense to make all shampoos in a sting-free version.

    Chocolate ice cream.

  11. I think they put eyeball numbing stuff in those tearless shampoos….so that when you finish washing your hair and go outside and a sharp object goes in your eye…you won’t feel it. So you go walking around with a needle sticking out of your eye and not really know it. Just kidding….I really don’t know if that is true or not. Just random ramblings.

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