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Stream of consciousness from fantastic pesto to a trip down memory lane

At least I thought I made fantastic pesto.  Fresh basil, a little parsley, a little salt, garlic, a little pepper, a little cheese, swirl it up, add a little olive oil… taste, taste, taste… hmmm, a little salty but it will be fine on the pasta with all the veggies.  Cook pasta, blanch asparagus, sautee ‘shrooms, done done done…. throw it together, add on the pesto… oh my god.  It got saltier.  How does that happen?  I think it was the cheese.

So what did we do? We picked out the veggies and then had toast.  Yes, that’s right.  toast.  Someone needs to go the grocery store.  That would be me.  In the division of labor at our house, I do the groceries, except for the random occassional needing of one item.   I find some chores horrible, some less horrible, and some I don’t mind.  I don’t mind cooking but I hate the idea of mowing our lawn (front and back!); I don’t like cleaning, but I’d rather vacuum than do the dishes each night.  I don’t even want to consider doing anything with a weed wacker in the back yard where it gets a little hairy by the creek, but the grocery shopping doesn’t bother me.

This has made me think of my mom.  She did all the chores in the house, my dad the chores outside the house. Except for some gardening. Mom loves gardening.  She was a new mom in the second half of the 70’s with 2 little girls.  She stayed home with us until we went to school, and then was there for us when we did go to school but came home at 3.  I asked her about it last time we were together and she said she wouldn’t have had it any other way.  They didn’t have tons of money, but my dad worked and it paid enough that if they watched their funds she could stay home with us.  And she did.  I have a lot of great memories as a kid, playing with mom or just being out with her.  She’d let me help in the kitchen, using ‘help’ pretty loosely here. I think that’s my word, not hers, any way.  She’d do puzzles and take us to the park.  I remember coming home after school and we’d sit at the kitchen table and talk about the day for a little bit, have a snack, and then off to do homework.

sigh.  those were the days

sigh. those were the days

I have good memories of my dad too, but they are fewer from that age.  I think that’s just a by-product of him being at work all day and coming home in the evenings, at 6 on the dot.  But we all spent a lot of time as a family on the weekends.  Until I became a teenager and it wasn’t cool.  But even then, we’d still do family outings.  My parents knew it was important that we spent time together as a family.  They must have seen my sister and I growing up, too fast I’m sure, and wanting to spend time, and instill as much goodness and make as many memories as possible.  All of this makes me think of my new family.  Husband (10 years!) and the bundle (7 months!).  Time goes so quick doesn’t it.  All we have are choices.  Each choice leads us to something new.  It’s exciting isn’t it?


Cheerios. Smells like feet or the best dinner ever?

no bling required

What’s the one cereal I could eat for every meal?  Cheerios. Not honey and banana or cinnamon nut or whatever, but the original O. I know they aren’t the flashiest cereal. No colored marshmallows, the milk doesn’t turn colors, they don’t talk to you, there’s no bling, but they are so good. However, I think there is something addictive about them. What are toddlers introduced to as one of their first finger foods? That’s right. Here is a tip I learned from my mom and I swear it is so good it’s going to make you want to get some immediately. Unless you’re my husband. He thinks Cheerios smell like dirty feet. Anyway…. melt a little butter in a pan, while it’s still hot, add in a cup of Cheerios so they get a little toasty and buttered, sprinke of salt and voila! Better than popcorn! Try it. Go on, the first one is free.

Why yes, I am that fast

Faster than a speeding snausage!

I remember the hat, the pool, and the frogs

Beach umbrella

One of the earliest memories I have is playing in the backyard of our house in California. It’s summer, it’s hot, we have an inflatable pool on the lawn with a foot of water in it. I must be about 5 or 6 years old and I’m in and out of the pool. My dad is wearing shorts, no shirt, and a light blue fisherman’s style hat made out of that terry, towel material, and he’s smoking a cigar while he’s working in the yard. There is one of those big umbrellas shoved in the ground, with white, blue, red and yellow panels so there is a little shade on the pool when I’m splashing around. There are little tiny frogs in our yard and I’ve caught some and put them in the pool with me. I pretend they are exotic fish and swim around with them in the 12 inches of water. Dad comes around and checks on me every few minutes and I can smell his cigar before I see him. And it’s not a bad smell, it’s dad.  Geez summers were really good when we were kids, weren’t they?

New websites and blogs I love. Or at least like a lot.

So, I’ve been keeping a list of cool websites I’ve found over the last month at the back of my notebook at work and I thought I’d share some of them with you today.  They are all worth a 2 minute look, I’m not affiliated with any of them, just sharing.  If you think they suck, or old news that’s ok. – you take a fun little picture survey based on what celebrities are wearing and decide which style of two you prefer, and you go through about a dozen pairs.  Based on that they decide what style you are most like.  Turns out I’m classic preppy, with glam and minimalist influences; and yeah, that’s about right, but I WANT to be a little more glam. A little more Betsey Johnson than J. Crew.  Sigh.  I’m decidedly less hip since parenthood set in.  I haven’t shopped for me in ages, except for my job. Anyway, fun shopping site because then you receive emailed suggestions for clothes online that you might like to buy that fit your style, price and size.

This ThereIfFixedIt is crazy.  It’s a funny site of pictures people have taken or sent in of things that have been MacGyvered to work.  Things are fixed with duct tape, spit, hair, car doors, whatever.  Worth a few seconds for a laugh.  Husband has been known to MacGyver a few things from time to time but nothing to this extent.  At least I think not.

Woot! The deal with this is that every day they put 1 product up for sale at a great price.  Once it’s sold out, that’s it.  That’s it.  They also have a Woot Shirt sub page too.  Very cool shirts by artists, each one about $15 and available for 1 day, but then they archive it so you can get it if you want to, later.  Check it.

LittleSeed is a new line of clothing and baby stuff by Soleil Moon Frye and Paige Goldberg Tolmach.  A little pricey for every day in my book but the clothes are organic and the toys are adorable and sturdy.  A lot of wood toys that will definitely stand the test of time.  I’m thinking of getting Sophie the giraffe.

Animoto is cool looking, but I haven’t tried it yet.  It makes short, fun videos from your still pictures, set to music, for free.  I like free.  They suggest looking at a select group of pictures that went put together, tell a story. I’m definitely doing it in the next few months.

Also, have you looked at The New Yorker lately?  It’s fabulous.  I recently read an article by Steve Martin (yes, that one) about Michael Jackson the day after his death.  Bonus: footage of Martin from a SNL skit doing the Billie Jean video.  Yes, he dances and he moonwalks.    It’s worth the visit just for that.

Random Tuesday

People, it has been hard to get my thoughts together.  Plus, I have had a never ending cold.  The bundle brought it home last week and I’m the last one to shake it.  I don’t get sick.  But apparently I am susceptible to baby colds.  Awesome.  You know what else is awesome, those tissues with lotion in them.  Genius.  Since all I can put together is evidently random thoughts, and they’re not so much together as, random, I am very happy that such a thing as Keely’s Random Tuesday Thoughts exists.  So, here we go.

My Super Ex Girlfriend is one of the lamest movies ever.

Just saw Joaquin Phoenix’s supposedly last movie, Two Lovers, it’s awesome.  I hope he really isn’t giving up acting.

I don’t know why the street by my house changed to have 2 turn lanes and one straight lane, but it sucks.

We just booked tickets to go visit my parents in California in December.  We didn’t book a seat for the bundle, who will be one year old then.  Are we going to regret that?

Chocolate ice cream, or vodka tonic?

My career, has become a job to pay the bills.

Marlo is a nice name.

Baby shampoo is made specifically to not sting their eyes; shouldn’t all shampoo be like that anyway?

Why do people think it is ok for puppies, because they are puppies, to jump up on little kids?

No matter how bad I’m feeling, a big toothless smile from the bundle makes it better than ok.

All hale Keely and the Random Tuesday Thoughts!  Check it.


The Best Coffee on the Interstate?

the best coffee on the interstate