Random Tuesday Thoughts- the Food Version

I heard someone describe bacon as “meat candy”. That’s awesome.

I feel cheated.  I was a walking PMS commerical the other day.  I went into the store specifically to buy tampons and ice cream.  I spent more time looking at what type of ice cream to buy than the stupid tampons.  I wanted chocolately, chocolate with chocolate.  And then I saw it.  Raspberry with chocolate.  My all time favorite combo!  Genius!  I grab it and put down the Phish Food.  It says “black raspberry chocolate chunk”. I buy it.  I get home all excited; way too excited about ice cream frankly, but sometimes that’s how it is.  Husband scoops it for me and he says “it looks really pink”.  I tell him it has some raspberry in it.  People, I was duped.  It is raspberry ice cream with chunks of chocolate.  Perfectly fine, but I was misled.  I wanted chocolately.  Do you know what I’m saying?  Not that I haven’t already finished half the carton already.



We’re having a couple over for dinner next Sunday.  We’ve known them about 2 years, they have 2 small kids under 5 and they’re awesome.  The whole clan is coming over and I’m out of dinner ideas.  I’m thinking of making breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes, bacon, turkey sausage, a fritatta and berries with whipped cream.  Or… I could switch it for brunch maybe. I think they’d dig it.  mmmm bacon.

When I was pregnant last Fall I craved ice cream all the time.  All the time.  One day we were on our way home and I asked my husband to run into the store to get some chocolate ice cream.  Something chocolately.  Not necessarily all chocolate, but something chocolately.  Do you know what the man came back with?  Root beer flavored ice cream.  After much counseling, we are still together.


7 responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts- the Food Version

  1. Root beer ice cream….that is so so wrong on so many different levels.

  2. As a parent w/two little ones, I always prefer a brunch.

  3. Sounds like your hubs was having his own craving. Root beer ice cream? That is hysterical!

  4. Sorry about the raspberry ice cream not being chocolaty enough – maybe slather it with chocolate sauce? 😉

    Your hubby’s error on his errand sounds just like something my hubby would do…totally!! LOL!!

    Happy RTT! 🙂

  5. root beer ice cream is all right in it’s place, but not when you want chocolate.

    When we were kids Mom used to make waffles for dinner at least twice a month. We thought it was fantastic. It never occurred to me that she might be out of ideas…

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