Most Influencial List


I’m totally plagerizing mentioning this list because it’s awesome.  Time Magazine’s 100 most influencial people.

It’s broken up by:

  • Leaders & Revolutionaries
  • Builders & Titans
  • Artists & Entertainers
  • Heros & Icons 
  • Scientists & Thinkers

Where else can you find a list with Senator Edward Kennedy (forward by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger), the Twitter founders (forward by Ashton Kutcher) and AIDS vaccine pioneer Seth Berkley (forward by Google co-founder Sergey Brin).

It’s not a quick read, but you can easily flip to what jumps out at you.  I love lists like this.

I think that the point that may not be immediately clear to some people, is that this is a list of the most influencial people.  Not most popular.  Not most politically powerful.  Most influencial.  Ashton Kutcher may have the most followers on Twitter, but he is not influencing a wide group of people.  Michelle Obama?  She is influencing people.  I hear Oprah influences a small contingency, But this list is not about celebrities.  Only 1/5 of the list is for artists and entertainers, and it’s refreshing that this isn’t a ‘who’s who’ kind of list.  Check it out.

And then get influenced by Jimmy Fallon on his new late show tonight.


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