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White noise machines rock!

Hi people.  I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything, life has gotten in the way.

There are a few firsts to announce and I wanted to share them with you:

  • the bundle is 6 months old and eating his first solid foods.  Peas and green beans are awesome.  Bananas suck.
  • the bundle got a double ear infection
  • the bundle didn’t fully recover in one ear from said ear infection
  • I had to travel for work, the only trip I will have to take I was promised, so I endured a 4 1/2 hour flight to LA, 2 nights, and a 5 hour flight back; lugging a laptop.  Is it bad to to say I loved having the ginormous, clean sheeted bed all to myself?  It was sooo good.
  • the bundle has been spashing around in the baby pool and clearly loves it
  • the bundle is sitting up by himself
  • the bundle is possibly, maybe getting his first tooth

We’ve been lucky the bundle has been sleeping through the night.  Last month we did the CIO in conjunction with a white noise machine and he slept through the night the first night, which is unusual and I didn’t want to get excited about it, but I was, I am!  What seems to make all the difference is the white noise machine cranked up on full.  Best invention ever!  Right up there with air conditioning and peanut butter.

Next week I plan to resume a little more posting, at least Random Tuesday Thoughts by Keely and Wordless Wednesday.  It seems all I have now are random thoughts so it would be nice to have a place to keep track of them.


Mom Jeans

I guess I should go buy some mom jeans.  No I don’t want to.  And no I’m not really going to, but something has happened since the bundle arrived.  My ass has gotten flat.  I always had a nice bum, round, perky even, without having to try too hard.  Go ahead, hate me.  But now, it’s flat.  It looks like I should wear mom jeans.  Go ahead, laugh.  My new desk job isn’t helping either. Hopefully I can get it together because I feel like 6 months after the baby I should be able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans.  Am I crazy?

Also, boobs.  I liked my breasts.  Not big, not small, 36Bs.  

[This part of my post inspired by Becky and her new bra.]

Then, I had the bundle and my boobs of course became ginormous milk containers.  I had cleavage I couldn’t have imagined!  Any shirt I wore or bought was v-neck, it was awesome.  This is what it is like to fill out a top!

So now I haven’t been breastfeeding for about 5 weeks and they are not what they used to be.  They are smaller.  Smaller than what I started with!  No Fair!  Boob Fail! 

On a related, yet different note, my hips are wider and I have upper arm flab. So there you go.  Get thee to a gym!  right?!?!?  I just can’t go to a gym.  I’m working during the day, (sitting in a chair, not helping the flat ass) I don’t have much time with the 5 month old bundle and the time I do have is not going to be spent at the gym.  We do go for 2 mile walks every afternoon when I get home, but now the humidity is out and it is HOT, so no more of that.  I’ll need to get my butt in gear and either a) do the 2 mile walk in the morning, but that means getting up 30 minutes earlier; (ugh) or 2)   …    I don’t know what #2 is.  Do I break out the Jazzercize vids?  God I’m unmotivated.  But when I stare at my closet each morning and look at the 2 pairs of pants that fit right and the 5 tops I feel good in, I try to psych myself up to do something.  I’m hoping when the bundle sleeps through the night more consistantly, I’ll be sleeping better (husband and I alternate nights for who gets up for him) and then I can get in a routine of doing some daily workout.  You know Jillian the trainer  from the biggest loser?  She has a few classes that are ‘on demand’ and I did them a few times and they’re pretty good.  Kicks my butt, but on my own time.

So, we’re thinking of trying for bambino numero 2 in the new year.  Crazy?  

Oh, and did you see Dooce’s 36 week white trash pic?  I know, but it’s a riot.

Random Tuesday Thoughts- the Food Version

I heard someone describe bacon as “meat candy”. That’s awesome.

I feel cheated.  I was a walking PMS commerical the other day.  I went into the store specifically to buy tampons and ice cream.  I spent more time looking at what type of ice cream to buy than the stupid tampons.  I wanted chocolately, chocolate with chocolate.  And then I saw it.  Raspberry with chocolate.  My all time favorite combo!  Genius!  I grab it and put down the Phish Food.  It says “black raspberry chocolate chunk”. I buy it.  I get home all excited; way too excited about ice cream frankly, but sometimes that’s how it is.  Husband scoops it for me and he says “it looks really pink”.  I tell him it has some raspberry in it.  People, I was duped.  It is raspberry ice cream with chunks of chocolate.  Perfectly fine, but I was misled.  I wanted chocolately.  Do you know what I’m saying?  Not that I haven’t already finished half the carton already.



We’re having a couple over for dinner next Sunday.  We’ve known them about 2 years, they have 2 small kids under 5 and they’re awesome.  The whole clan is coming over and I’m out of dinner ideas.  I’m thinking of making breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes, bacon, turkey sausage, a fritatta and berries with whipped cream.  Or… I could switch it for brunch maybe. I think they’d dig it.  mmmm bacon.

When I was pregnant last Fall I craved ice cream all the time.  All the time.  One day we were on our way home and I asked my husband to run into the store to get some chocolate ice cream.  Something chocolately.  Not necessarily all chocolate, but something chocolately.  Do you know what the man came back with?  Root beer flavored ice cream.  After much counseling, we are still together.

Most Influencial List


I’m totally plagerizing mentioning this list because it’s awesome.  Time Magazine’s 100 most influencial people.

It’s broken up by:

  • Leaders & Revolutionaries
  • Builders & Titans
  • Artists & Entertainers
  • Heros & Icons 
  • Scientists & Thinkers

Where else can you find a list with Senator Edward Kennedy (forward by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger), the Twitter founders (forward by Ashton Kutcher) and AIDS vaccine pioneer Seth Berkley (forward by Google co-founder Sergey Brin).

It’s not a quick read, but you can easily flip to what jumps out at you.  I love lists like this.

I think that the point that may not be immediately clear to some people, is that this is a list of the most influencial people.  Not most popular.  Not most politically powerful.  Most influencial.  Ashton Kutcher may have the most followers on Twitter, but he is not influencing a wide group of people.  Michelle Obama?  She is influencing people.  I hear Oprah influences a small contingency, But this list is not about celebrities.  Only 1/5 of the list is for artists and entertainers, and it’s refreshing that this isn’t a ‘who’s who’ kind of list.  Check it out.

And then get influenced by Jimmy Fallon on his new late show tonight.