Wi-Fi in the Sky

So, you probably heard that most airlines are now providing WiFi on the planes, for a per-use fee.  David Pogue of the NYTimes wrote a post about his experience at the beginning of the year.   Joe Sharkey also of the NYTimes wrote more recently, in more detail.  How do you feel about WiFi on planes?   I know that when I used to travel for work I cherished that time on the plane to do absolutely nothing.  When I traveled it was for something intense.  An important client meeting that we prepared for for days; a tradeshow that meant 12 hour days on my feet for 3 days; hours of shmoozing, which I hated…  So, 2 – 8 hours on a plane?  Relatively to myself?  I could listen to music, read, vege out, whatever.  I was secure in the knowledge that my laptop was secure in the overhead compartment and I wouldn’t need to look at it again until I got to work the next day, or at least got home.  I know, I could still work on the laptop without the internet, but I didn’t.  It wasn’t productive time for me.  The airport, sure.  But not on the plane.

So yea for technology everywhere!  bah humbug.  If they make it ok for cell phones use on planes, we’re all finished. Can you imagine the din of mindless chatter?  What’s next?  Manis and pedis on planes?  Well, actually, that would be ok.


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