What To Do When It’s Raining

Hi.  I’m prefacing this list with the following statement:  I know it’s not a spectacularly interesting list, it’s purely selfish. 

I need your help readers, please.  I need good ideas for what the hell to do on the weekend when it’s raining.

Here is what I have so far:

  • go to the mall
  • reacquaint myself with my husband
  • go to the mall
  • play ping pong in the basement (this isn’t a euphanism, we have a table)
  • go to SuperTarget

There must be other things to do right?  I live on the north side of Atlanta, a major city.  There must be things to do.  Keep in mind we have a baby; and sometimes we just need to get out of the house.  Help a girl out please!


2 responses to “What To Do When It’s Raining

  1. I’m with you, honey. Same rain, same north side, same city. We entertained ourself with a squirt gun fight in the garage, and then I went to CVS. The hubs took the kids to chick-fil-a and to, yes, SuperTarget. So we got nothin’.

  2. crazylovescompany


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