Dirty Dancing Idol 9:30

Ok, that Nick/ Norman Gentle thing was hilarious on Idol.  I love Queen Latifah.

Mr. Boss Man

This is our last night together lover.

Fergie was ok.  KISS was weird.  Keith Urban, good.  

How funny is Baby’s sister, Lisa, when she is practicing for the closing number in her shorty shorts and singing that hawaiin song?

I know Johnny didn’t take the wallet.  And the reason I know, is because I was with him.

Ok, I’m getting pushed out for stupid AI.  We know Adam is going to win.  Even though he wore that stupid shoulder thing for his song with KISS.  How small is Ryan Seacrest?  Not like that.  When he stands next to anyone, except Kris, he looks so small, Kris must be really small.

Good thing I know this movie by heart and could probably act out all the parts by myself.  What?  You’re jealous?  Please, I know you know all the lines too.  And don’t forget, nobody puts baby in the corner.


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